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CSA0607: [Ending] Yasora: Take the reigns.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


YASORA cannot take the REIGNS, or indeed even the REINS, because she is too busy being UTSUHO.

Now that the PARTY is over, you're surprised at how well everything went, and in particular, how well YUKARI took your little OUTBURST. You also doubt that SATORI will be able to stop giggling long enough to punish you, either.

YASORA has gone DORMANT again, "sleeping" through the rest of the afternoon. In a roundabout way, this reminds you that CIRNO skipped the party, saying she wanted to go off and think about things, in particular her recent BRUSHES WITH DEATH. This is vaguely worrying both you and DAIYOUSEI, who suspects that whatever's happening is more than just her growing INTELLIGENCE and AWARENESS OF DEATH, if nothing else because DAIYOUSEI doesn't die when she's killed, but neither of you have drawn any solid conclusions.

Oh well, all the TOUHOU stories MUFFIN creates are connected somehow. We'll probably find out sooner or later.

> [Ending] Masha: Sell toadstools to Suwako.

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Wait, Daiyousei dies if Cirno is killed?

Dizzy H. Muffin

No, Daiyousei does not die when Daiyousei is killed. That's what I was trying to say.


So... basically, what you're hinting at is that Cirno is approaching that level of power which will place her in a condition of mortality as a youkai that was warned by the Yama 30-some years ago? But then again, I feel I will like how this goes down.... Cirno is one of the characters I am most interested by and I look forward to any development for her in canon... I hope ZUN-sama starts taking more consideration for the literature aspects of his works like he does with consideration to symbolism and danmaku pattern arts...

Rainy Daze

Cirno is taking lots of time to think? That's worrying.

Wait, this takes place after 12.8... if Cirno got in a fight things would get weird.


Hey, waitaminit! I thought Masha had shorter hair at that party!

Spirit Tsunami

No, this was the flash-further forward. And I can definitely appreciate the interconnectedness of all things.