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CSA0606: [Ending] Muffin: Wait, when is this all taking place!?


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Right, okay, so ... the SHENANIGANS IN A MAGICAL FOREST committed by MARISA and ALICE involving SHANGHAI all take place in the year 135 by the GENSOKYO CALENDAR, right after YASORA's defeat over there, which is the year 2019 by the GREGORIAN CALENDAR. The PARTY AT THE HAKUREI SHRINE, involving TEENAGE MASHA and a friendship between UTSUHO and YASORA, takes place in the year 150 GC (2034 CE), exactly 30 years after the events of PHANTASMAGORIA OF FLOWER VIEW. This is an extremely accurate and realistic CREATE.SWF depiction of my REAL-WORLD APPEARANCE.

Any other questions? No? Good.

> [Ending] Yasora: Take the reigns.

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Ooh, I have a question!

Is that a string extending from Muffin's neck here? Has he been turned into a Puppetmuffin?

It could just be a line in the artwork separating the two parts, and it most definitely doesn't mean anything, but I just can't shake the image of Alice controlling Muffin... And by extension the plot.