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Timeline of Touhou Nekokayou

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This is a complete timeline of the continuity of Touhou Nekokayou: Scarlet Weather Archive in Japanese Red and the surrounding fan fiction. Originally, it was going to simply take place sometime later, but I have since abandoned this concept in favor of completely messing up the canonical timeline by, first of all, setting most of it (so far!) between Subterranean Animism and Undefined Fantastic Object.

Elements which I never depicted before putting an end to this universe are labelled as "Planned idea."

Timeline of Touhou Nekokayou and surrounding continuity

(GC = Gensokyo Calendar; subtract 1884 from CE)

  • ~9500 years ago: Yukari Yakumo (then known only as "the Youkai of Boundaries", or "Kyoukai no Youkai" or just "Kyoukai") comes into being.
  • Planned idea: ~6300 years ago: battle between "Kyoukai" and Sasha Sashiromiya, a sorceress of shadows. Most youkai sort of disintegrate and "die" when they are between 3000 and 4000 years old; Kyoukai manages to extend her lifespan by taking over Sasha's body when the latter defeats her.
  • Planned idea: ~3100 years ago: Rin Satsuki, a sorceress with some power over boundaries but mostly Kirin-themed abilities, gives birth to a daughter named Maiai Satsuki (her name means "Beloved"). When the father dies about a year later, Rin casts a spell to summon "the one who is the least likely to cause harm to my daughter." The spell summons Satsuki Hakurei, Carroll Kirisame, and Kon Yakumo from 2064 CE. Deciding they have no other way of taking care of her, they decide to leave the infant as a foundling in the Human Village. Sacchin writes a note that says "Please take care of my Maiai Satsuki", but inadvertently uses 1. the kanji for her own name, rather than Rin's family name, and 2. the Western naming order, so that it looks like it reads "my beloved Satsuki." They take a detour on their return to the future. Rin, meanwhile, goes off to fight Kyoukai, with the same result as with Sasha.
  • ~3000 years ago: A Different Story of an Eastern Wonderland (Second Prologue)
  • ~1300 years ago: flashback in Touhou Nekokayou #135; Mokou becomes immortal. At some point, she encounters a 4000-year-old phoenix; it passes on its fire-magic to her.
  • ~1000 years ago: War between the Moon and Earth. Yasora Kojiwa, the yatagarasu who would one day be consumed by Utsuho, is mortally wounded in battle and dies on Earth.
  • ~400 years ago: first portion of Touhou Nekokayou #17
  • Planned idea: 1796 CE: A Lunarian noble named Hideo Kouzuki, who was exiled to Earth in the 1770s, marries a human woman named Kaguya Chikai (coincidentally), and they have a daughter named Hikari.
  • Planned idea: 1811 CE: Hideo and Kaguya are killed in a youkai attack. Hikari inherits Hideo's pocketwatch, known as the Luna Dial, and is also called the Pocketwatch of Blood due to its blood-red watch face.
  • Planned idea: 1854 CE: Hikari's Lunarian heritage gives her silver hair and a greatly extended lifespan, plus the ability to slow down or stop her aging. At this point, she is working at a mansion as a servent, when it is attacked and destroyed by a youkai chieftan; Hikari randomly picks up a knife and starts fighting them off.
    She is assisted by Eirin Yagokoro, who had been bringing Kaguya Houraisan through the area, and a vampire named Dracula, who was travelling around the world. During the fight, Hikari uncovers the ability to stop time, but collapses from exhaustion and her injuries. Eirin helps to heal Hikari, convinces Dracula to take her out of Jpaan, on the basis that a daughter of Hideo Kouzuki would cause ... complications once the Lunar Emissaries arrived (not least for Hikari herself).
    Taking her back to his home in Romania, Dracula is impressed by Hikari's grace and elegance. At her request, he begins training her to fight and develop her time-powers. Hikari uses a spell to change her True Name to "Your Death" in English, in order to scare anyone who can see it. A side-effect of the spell is that it erases her memories of her life before she came to live with Dracula. She becomes known as "The Huntress", and presents the Luna Dial as if it is actually the source of her time-powers (i.e. always opening and closing it when she stops time, seemingly not using them at all when she temporarily loses it, etc).
  • 1884 CE (0 GC): The Hakurei Border goes up; the first 60-year cycle begins. Planned idea: the Shrine Maiden of the time is named Mima Hakurei; it is she who invented the Hakurei Yin-Yang Orb. She has two daughters: one of them goes to live in the Outside World when the Barrier goes up, and the other stays behind in Gensokyo to succeed Mima as the Shrine Maiden.
  • Planned idea: 1886 CE (2 GC): Mima Hakurei is killed by Rumia Yagami. Rumia then attempts to go after Yukari, who seals her in her childish form. Mima comes back as an evil spirit, and drops her family name for the time being.
  • Planned idea: ~1900 CE (16 GC): One of the differences in this alternate timeline is that the character of Sherlock Holmes has always believed in the supernatural; however, the stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle always ended with Holmes' disappointment, although some of them ended in ways which suggested that there might have been something supernatural there. So around this time, the Huntress meets Doyle, and convinces him to write a two-part story about herself, set on New Year's Eve following The Adventure of the Empty House.
    Part 1 begins with Holmes and Watson catching sight of a mysterious woman with silver hair; they returns to Baker Street and Holmes begins telling Watson the story of the SS Matilda Briggs and a were-Giant Rat of Sumatra, alluded to in The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire. In Holmes's recounting, a few years after he met Watson but while Watson was away on business, a character named Lord Pierce (implied to be Dracula) and his adopted daughter, a silver-haired Japanese woman called Sakura Sasu (it is clear to Holmes that this is an alias), are passengers on the Matilda Briggs when a murder is committed; Holmes discovers that "Sakura" is seemingly able to teleport with the aid of a pocket-watch with a blood-red watch face, and that she always carries silver knives around, but ultimately the murderer is revealed to be the ship's cook, who transforms into a mountain giant Sunda rat under the full moon; he is killed by Sakura when he tries to attack Holmes.
    After Holmes finishes his story, Part 2 begins; they meet Sakura in person, who hadn't aged at all since she last met Holmes. I hadn't quite worked out how that story would go, but there would be a fire, and the Huntress is seemingly unwilling or unable to teleport across a flaming gap, from which Holmes deduces that she isn't really teleporting, she's slowing down time. (She gets away and the good guys win.)
    The story isn't published until the 1960s, well after Doyle's death; there are four drafts, each containing markings from a "mysterious Editor" (actually the Huntress herself), who seemed to want to correct some of the details; by that time, the Huntress is known to the "muggle" public as an urban myth, and they find it weird that Doyle apparently wrote a story about her decades before stories about her began to circulate, but the consensus is that it was probably just Doyle himself, creating a "mystery" for his readers that would exist after his death.
  • 1944 CE (60 GC): first part of Ends and Beginnings #2: "Then"; the first 60-year cycle ends and the second one begins.
  • 1970 (86 GC): Curse of the Heavens
  • ~1974 CE (~90 GC): Team 9 Origins.
  • 1986 CE (102 GC): Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame are born about six months apart.
  • 1988 CE (104 GC): Sanae Kochiya is born.
  • Planned idea: Somewhere in the 1990s, Rin Satsuki manifests in Gensokyo, and befriends Reimu.
  • 1997 CE (113 GC): Touhou Rei'iden (#1): Highly Responsive to Prayers, Touhou Fuumaroku (#2): Story of Eastern Wonderland
  • Planned idea: In the Outside World, the Huntress has grown weary of life, weighted down by guilt from all the death she's caused, even if they were all monsters. In spite of Dracula's attempts to stop her, she starts fighting increasingly-visious youkai around the world with the intention that eventually, she will die fighting them. She locates the Scarlet Devil Mansion; stories about Remilia, who has "Eyes of Fate" which enable her to see anyone's True Name if she sees their face, have gotten mixed up with stories about Flandre, who is murderously psychotic during this time period and has highly destructive powers.
    The Huntress fights her way through Meiling, Koakuma, and Patchouli, and reaches the throne room. In the fight, she manages to slash Remilia's eyes, destroying her Eyes of Fate, but also revealing that the latter is actually like a child under all her "WHAT IS A MAN?"-type bluster. While the Huntress is reacting to this, Patchouli knocks her out. Remilia drinks the Huntress's blood, recovering her normal eyesight with the aid of a healing-potion the Huntress had consumed before fighting her. While Remilia is mulling over what to do with her, Flandre breaks out, and the Huntress helps to bring her down, guilty about having confused the two and injuring Remilia. Flandre destroys the Luna Dial with her powers, but the Huntress takes her down while she's crowing over her "victory."
    Subsequently, Remilia changes the fate the Huntress had made for herself; under Remilia's instruction, she reuses her True Name-changing spell to change her name to Sakuya Izayoi, and becomes the chief maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, ultimately forgetting her past life.
  • 1998 CE (114 GC): Touhou Yumejikuu (#3): Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream, Touhou Gensokyo (#4): Lotus Land Story
  • 1999 CE (115 GC): Touhou Kaikidan (#5): Mystic Square.
  • Planned idea: Due a hearing-enhancement spell which Marisa stole from Rin in this timeline, they (along with Reimu) discover that Alice has a house in the Magic Forest immediately after Alice finishes building it. Seeing that Rin is in control of the situation, and that Reimu and Marisa are kind of goofs to begin with, Alice gives up on the idea of revenge.
  • 2000 CE (116 GC): Touhou Nekokayou #6 flashback; temporal location of Meimu's stage in Touhou Saisoutensoku. History shatters.
  • Planned idea: A while later, Dracula invades Gensokyo. He accidentally annihilates Rin Satsuki, which is part of Reimu's motivation to create the Spell Card Rules (though she was planning on doing it either way). Either way, they beat the crap out of him, and he leaves in contrition.
  • 2001 CE (117 GC): Touhou Koumakyou (#6): Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
    • Retelling of Scarlet Devil: Touhou Nekokayou #8-#14
  • 2002 CE (118 GC): Touhou Youyoumu (#7): Perfect Cherry Blossom. Planned idea: During PCB, Reimu, Marisa, and Sakuya take shelter from a blizzard in Alice's house. There is vague romantic tension between Alice and Marisa. (In the Canon timeline, Alice had wanted revenge, and hadn't realized that Marisa practically lived right next door until the events of PCB.)
  • Touhou Suimusou (#7.5): Immaterial and Missing Power
  • Touhou Eiyashou (#8): Imperishable Night
    • Between stage 6 and Extra: Touhou Nekokayou #61, #111
  • 2004 CE (120 GC): Touhou Kaeidzuka (#9): Phantasmagoria of Flower View; the second 60-year cycle ends and the third one begins.
  • 2005 CE (121 GC): first part of Touhou Nekokayou #110
  • 2006 CE (122 GC): Touhou Fuujinroku (#10): Mountain of Faith, Touhou Bougetsushou: Silent Sinner in Blue/Cage in Lunatic Runagate/Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth
  • 2007 CE (123 GC): Touhou Hisoten (#10.5): Scarlet Weather Rhapsody
  • Touhou Chireiden (#11): Subterranean Animism
  • 2008 CE (124 GC): Ends and Beginnings (original story)
  • (#12.8i) Fairy Wars #145-#152
  • Touhou Nekokayou #1-#4, #7, #16-#22, #25-#26
  • Enlightened Mind's Eye: Prologue
  • Ends and Beginnings #2: "Now"
  • Touhou Nekokayou #27-#29
  • Sleep Spell
  • Touhou Nekokayou #30-#33
  • The Reisen for the Bullet-Shape
  • Yuka's Love
  • Touhou Nekokayou #34-#37
  • Philosophy of a Hated Person
  • Touhou Nekokayou #53, #38
  • Touhou Yumekyoukai: A Different Story of an Eastern Wonderland. Planned idea: Renko ♥ Maribel, for one thing. Renko, after fooling around with the Hakurei Orbs, is revealed to be a descendant of Mima Hakurei, via the daughter who stayed in the Outside World. Yukari planned on using the same technique on Maribal Hearn as she had on Rin Satsuki and Sasha Sashiromiya. However, as she is no longer the sanctimonious sociopath she was three thousand years ago, she ultimately decides that this would do much more harm than good. Reimu also has a bit of a breakdown after Yukari mentions Rin's name. Following an epilogue taken from Magical Astronomy, Renko and Maribel visit the moon, where they each aquire the Hourai Elixir for themselves. They use it in Gensokyo, since whenever anyone had stated their intention to use it on Earth, they had always died in "mysterious" circumstances.
  • Touhou Nekokayou #41-#45, #50-#52
  • Alice Illness
  • Touhou Nekokayou #40, #54-#56, #59, #82, #85-#87, #89-#93, #105
  • 2009 CE (125 GC): Catness: Touhou Nekokayou #63-#80
  • Touhou Shinrensen (#12i): Redefined Fantastic Object. Planned idea: During Stage 4, Reimu and Marisa get into a fight over the former's excessive youkai-hating behavior, in light of Marisa and Alice's romantic relationship. They are interrupted by Alice, who had snuck along after them. When they reach Hokkai, events transpire completely differently from the way they had in the prologue, as Marisa is able to convince Byakuren that things have changed, citing her relationship with Alice; Byakuren is convinced not to attack them.
  • Touhou Saisoutensoku (#12.3i): Rethinking the Natural Law #94-#104. Planned idea: The censored Agent Smith quote is given by Marisa as "I killed you, Mr. Anderson, I watched you die, but then something unexpected happened: you destroyed me."
  • Touhou Nekokayou #46-#47, #49
  • Double Spoiler: Touhou Bunkachou (#12.5i) #106
  • Touhou Nekokayou #107-#109, #111-#112, #115-#120, #122-#131, #134-#137, #139-#141, #143-#144, #154-present
  • Touhou Kokikoku: Perfect Square. Planned idea: Shinki reveals that she had Mima (in disguise?) as a Grand Vizier of sorts, and that the latter had set in motion plans to conquer Makai involving interference from Konngara (the "invincible demon" referenced at one point in Shenanigans in a Magical Forest). Marisa proposes to Alice over dinner in Pandaemonium. During a great big fight, Marisa is fatally wounded, but recovers after she casts the spell to turn herself into a youkai. Konngara attacks Gensokyo, and all the major players in Gensokyo band together to fight her — including unsealing Rumia Yagami for good (if she promises to behave herself). At the end, Konngara retreats to Jigoku; Reimu, Marisa, and Alice follow her to her throne room, and since Konngara hadn't actually caused any harm, they forgive her, and offer to let her let off steam in a Spell Card battle. Marisa and Alice are married later. I'd thought of various other things, including Yumemi and Chiyuri showing up, and Konngara "destroying" Makai (Shinki restores it from backups in the end), and showing Shinki's true nature as an "Invinite Being" (which is different from gods).
  • Curse of the Heavens, part 2
  • 2010 CE (126 GC): April 17: second part of Touhou Nekokayou #110
  • 2011 CE (127 GC): April 24: Touhou Nekokayou #133
  • Touhou 13i? Planned idea: Some tension abounds because Marisa is now a youkai, thus throwing off the "youkai cause Incidents, humans resolve Incidents" dynamic.
  • 2019 (135 GC): Create.swf Adventures: Shenanigans in a Magical Forest
  • 2034 (150 GC): "Flash forward" in the ending sequence of Shenanigans in a Magical Forest
  • Fate of 60 Years stories and comics:
    • 2047 (164 GC): Kon "Meimu" Yakumo is born
    • 2049 (166 GC): Carroll Kirisame is born; several weeks later, Satsuki is found by Reimu. Planned idea: She was left there by Satsuki's future self.
    • 2058 (174 GC): Meimu travels back in time to the events of Rethinking the Natural Law
    • Create.swf Adventures: Cottagesnagged. Planned idea: Meimu's Jailbreak Adventure, a Psycho Mantis-style boss fight against Satori, the "precious object" turns out to be Friendship, the final boss is Masha in her grown-up form.
    • 2060 (176 GC): Touhou Nekokayou #132
    • 2063 (179 GC): #153, #48, #60, #83, #114, #121, #132, #142. Planned idea: A "Midnight Crew intermission" for CSA in which Team ❽ invades the Scarlet Devil Mansion; the playable characters accept both their Touhou names, their Team ❽ titles, and the names of both sets of the Midnight Crew from Homestuck ("Spades Slick is unable to return to being the Horticultural Blackness because obviously the Draconian Dignitary is too busy being Nue Houjuu"). Either this or Perfect Square would have been where Mima would have been revealed to be "Mima Hakurei" (in this case, Rumia is pondering her quadrant-vaccilation with Mima and decides that if anyone's going to kill her, it might as well be Mima, because "fair's fair").
    • 2064 (180 GC): #39. Planned idea: Team ❽ unseals Sasha Sashiromiya, and the five of them take over Hisou Tensoku and turn it into an actual giant robot; Kon, Carroll, and Sacchin fight her off. They are summoned back in time by Rin Satsuki's past self, and bring infant-Sacchin back to the future in 2049. Reimu eventually dies at the end of the third 60-year cycle, and goes to heaven as a Celestial with the appearance of her 2009 self. She returns a few days later later, having regained some of her personality of the time as well, and much like Tenshi, got sick of Heaven.
  • Planned idea: ~3000 (1116 GC): A cyberpunkish story or game or whatever in which magic had spread to the Outside World, but there was still a Hakurei barrier. Yuuka the main villain, and rules over this city, having put up a barrier that prevents travel to Makai or Gensokyo. There's a reactor powering the city, with its central core protected by 1. an outer section which is hot enough to vaporize iron, and 2. several anti-magic fields so that a witch couldn't just fly up to it; several of the higher-ups are worried about the reactor getting out of control and blowing up the whole city, but Yuuka assures them that the mysterious coolant system is more likely to overwhelm the heat, shutting it down more harmlessly.
    There's a rebellion led by Marisa, and includes Mokou (the newest recruit — she broke up with Kaguya as a result of Yuuka's manipulations, but they end up back together once it's exposed), Cirno (the brains of the rebellion, who at the start of the story is trapped as coolant for the reactor), and Renko (working undercover). Yuuka has this elaborate plan in place which would culminate in some sort of "final duel" with Marisa. Team ❽ now has Koishi as Hartmann's Blackness, working against Yuuka in their own way.
    Eventually, Marisa gets the Lunarians on her side as well, and then brings down the Makai barrier so that she has Shinki's forces. Marisa uses a high-speed rocket with an auto-restarting protection spell to damage the reactor, and Cirno escapes, by freezing the reactor solid. Marisa chases Yuuka to the Outside World's Hakurei Shrine and into Gensokyo, where there's a four-part final boss, on Marisa's terms instead of Yuuka's, that uses all of Yuuka's themesongs in successions (the two forms from LLS, the one from Kioh Gyouku, and Flower Land).
    If it was a game, there'd be an alternate route/plot in which Celestial!Reimu was the player character. Instead of being cackling ambitious about the duel, Yuuka would be dreading their final encounter, and be working to try to prevent it. (The overall plot and details of what Yuuka does would be the same, just largely for different reasons.)



Creating a continuity and timeline after the fact has resulted some problems which are almost as interesting as the ideas themselves. For instance: Perfect Square is specified as taking place ten years after Mystic Square. That seemed plenty of time for "all the Windows Incidents + Sometime Later." But then, when I actually put the timeline of the games together, at first I ran into concerns that ten years would be enough time. Then there's the fact that the first x-number-of-comics takes place over the course of one year; Ends and Beginnings happens fairly early on, so it has to be the first thing that happens (since comic #1 is in spring, and EaB is in winter), the mild chronological chaos that briefly ensued from including Flandre's relationship with Koishi and Flandre using Alice's aging-spell in A Different Story of an Eastern Wonderland ...

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*glances at her profile, which says that she is a jiang shi* Why yes, as a matter of fact, she does.


hmm. stage 3 boss. chinese hopping vampire. guards myouren temple grounds. wonder if the stage 5 boss will beat her up for slacking.
Place your bets that Hijiri's brother will be in this one with the undead/ghost theme displayed.

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Added a huge number of "planned ideas"


Man, I still understand your reasons for stopping, but I kinda wish you would have made the Team 8 Intermission. The way you described it seems hilarious!

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Ehh. Yeah, it's just ... 1. I'd never have been able to actually make and finish it, and 2. now that I've actually used one of the intended jokes, it'd miss out on some of the punch.

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