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A hybrid between a webcomic and an adventure game. Much like MS Paint Adventures before it, it works like this: I produce a page with a picture and a general description, and then people submit commands for it, directed at the "player-character" (i.e. "Reimu: Get ye flask"). I will then make the next page as a game-response to that command. Don't worry about making it look exactly like a "go north, take flask"-type computer-readable command, just as long as I can understand it.

Commands may be given in the comments, preferably of the most recent page, and prefaced by a > (or > if you want to be nicer to the code). I am more likely to accept simpler commands; for one thing, the command + "CSA#### [character name]:" with spaces in between needs to fit into 128 characters or less. Furthermore, because I am insane, I am also accepting commands from the MS Paint Adventures forum and Maidens of the Kaleidoscope.

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Touhou Project by ZUN.

create.swf by KirbyM and Thefre

Nitori: "You've already got arms!" and Reimu: "Hold still a second" by littleshrimp

All other original non-Create.swf art-assets by Shintear.

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Oh sweet Zombie JESUS, YES!!! Oh, you have brightened my day, Muffin.


I have done this! And this made me actually go back and bring it back to life after being dead for over six months!


I have also done this with create.swf.
Though to be fair mine had nothing to do with Touhou and has been dead for months.


I've also made one. I've linked to it.


Hey, quick n00bish question... If I'm making a comic with this, how do I save said comic and post it on a nother message board? Thanks, and by the way, you rock!

Dizzy H. Slightly Voided

Use something like Cropper to take a snapshot of it and save it as a normal image.


I must read this thing.

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