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A hybrid between a webcomic and an adventure game. Much like MS Paint Adventures before it, it works like this: I produce a page with a picture and a general description, and then people submit commands for it, directed at the "player-character" (i.e. "Reimu: Get ye flask"). I will then make the next page as a game-response to that command. Don't worry about making it look exactly like a "go north, take flask"-type computer-readable command, just as long as I can understand it.

Commands may be given in the comments, preferably of the most recent page, and prefaced by a > (or > if you want to be nicer to the code). I am more likely to accept simpler commands; for one thing, the command + "CSA#### [character name]:" with spaces in between needs to fit into 128 characters or less. Furthermore, because I am insane, I am also accepting commands from the MS Paint Adventures forum and Maidens of the Kaleidoscope.

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Touhou Project by ZUN.

create.swf by KirbyM and Thefre

Nitori: "You've already got arms!" and Reimu: "Hold still a second" by littleshrimp

All other original non-Create.swf art-assets by Shintear.

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