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Privacy Policy

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This page contains information regarding data collected by this website.

  • In order to post a comment on any article on this site, or to use the automated email form, you are required to provide a username and a valid email address, which only I am able to view. Posting comments on this site or using the contact form will also reveal your IP address to me. I will only use your IP address for management purposes (i.e. if someone needs to be banned from using the comments), and I will only use your email address to contact you. Nobody else can see your email address, your IP address, or any messages sent to me using the automated email form, and I will not give any of this information to anyone else.
  • This website runs on an Apache webserver. Under its current settings, it keeps a log of all access to the site, i.e. any time anyone clicks any link leading to this site, an entry is generated. All information collected in this manner is deleted after it has been stored for one month. Each entry contains:
    • Your IP address.
    • The date and time at which you accessed the site.
    • What you were accessing/doing.
    • A "referral" link, sent by your web browser, indicating the URL of the website you were getting it from (i.e. if you came here from a link on a Google search result, it contains the URL of the search result page).
    • A header containing information sent by your web browser about the browser itself.
    I made a PHP script which uses this information to calculate 1. what websites are linking to me, and 2. the total number of unique IP addresses which have accessed my site. I almost never personally view the raw logs themselves, and there's too many to really keep track of anything "manually." Also, some URLs and referrers are "blacklisted" in this information, such as when a site is obviously a spam/advertising site, and does not include hits from within the site itself (i.e. from to This information only goes back 15 days; only I have access to it, and I do not give any of this information to anyone else.
  • Certain articles on this site may use cookies i.e. for bookmarking your place in an archive binge of a webcomic. These cookies do not store any information which could be used to identify you, and their values are not used outside a relatively narrow scope, nor are they shared with any external source.
  • This website uses advertisements from Project Wonderful (privacy policy, Ghostery profile). It collects anonymous data, and may share this data with third parties. The precise details of this are undisclosed. I would prefer that you not block it via AdBlock or other means, since I make a small amount of money from these ads.
  • In addition, the WePay donation button displayed on most pages on the site utilizes Google Analytics (privacy policy, Ghostery profile), which collects a whole lot of fairly specific but still largely anonymous data. The details on data sharing and data retention is undisclosed. Since I don't directly benefit from this, it's safe to block it unless you plan on actaully using the pay-button (and even then it might not actually interfere with it).

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Oh hey, an actually useful privacy policy. I applaud you, Muffin!

Dizzy H. Slightly Voided

Yeah ... I admit part of this was becasue I've been considering putting up ads, if for no other reason than to get the college loans off my back to a certain degree, but I was going for "you can actually understand it" stuff.

Dizzy H. Slightly Voided

And now there's no chance of getting ads, so that part has become a non-issue~

Dizzy H. Slightly Voided