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Rules for the Site

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A list of rules for commenting on the site, and which also apply to the #nekokayou IRC channel. If you have a problem with my enforcement of a particular rule or a particular example, you can contact me privately.1 See also the privacy policy.

The Rules

  1. Don't flame/be a troll.
  2. Don't be an idiot.
  3. Don't spam. I mean this both in the sense of "sending unsolicited advertisements" and "flooding the screen with a lot of shit I don't want to see."
  4. Posts which serve no purpose except to point out a typo or error I made will may be removed once I have corrected the error (you won't be penalized at all), but probably not (as of 8 May 2011).
  5. Addendum 28 January 2010/3 August 2010: the 2048 character-limit (yes, I also changed the limit) is not an invitation to fill it, and you should take the hint rather than making something huge and rambling which must be split among multiple posts (see also rule #3). In other words, if you can't fit it all in one post, adjust your message until you can.
  6. Addendum 17 March 2010: No religion or politics in any way shape or form whatsoever. The first reason is that this only leads to violation of rule 1. The second reason is that this happens to be my website, and if it was, I'd want it to be about my religion and politics — and none of you wants that, do you?
  7. Addendum 19 July 2010: Do not mention what CAPTCHA you happened to get. Even if it's "9." It's just a kind of spam (see rule #3).
  8. Addendum 26 August 2013: Do not hotlink to images and files on my site (i.e [img=] on a forum or whatever). If anything, link to the page itself. My site take a hit every time somebody loads the page where you've hotlinked an image, it means my site's ads don't get views, and I feel kind of insulted at directly linking to my site as if it was your personal repository for image macros. (I don't mind it when people re-upload them somewhere else for that purpose, though.)

Idiots, of course, do not know they are idiots, unless they secretly fall into the category of "flamer/troll,"2 and spambots aren't self-aware and wouldn't care about the rules if they were. Regardless: spam by both definitions, flames, one-word posts with obviously-fake emails, and complete and utter idiocy will instantly vanish off the face of the site. And by "instantly" I mean "as soon as I find them."

If for some reason I want to respond to your post's existence, i.e. for the purposes of telling you why I think it is idiotic ("You actually sounded like you were going to make an interesting point until you said that about my mother"/"Look, nobody wants to hear about your fantasies involving a Touhou/Spongebob crossover, connected only to my site by way of 'this reminds me of'"), I may merely replace it with a great big 'DELETED'. If you have nothing else to contribute, your IP address may be banned.

Please note that, while I'll try to at least look fair and I may give you a chance to defend yourself, it's all going by my subjective judgment. If you try to split hairs or explain that e.g. "you're a moron and you should kill yourself for writing such [expletive deleted]" isn't really breaking the rules, this falls under being an idiot.

Also note that all the above examples are comical exaggerations and I don't really expect things to happen exactly like that. Also, BOCTAOE. See also rule 2.


1And e.g. bandodging or taking other measures to overturn my rule-enforcement makes me feel like you don't care about these rules or my authority as "the guy who owns this site and is paying its bills to let you see my content and post here," to the extent that I may take more drastic measures to prevent you from posting at all.

2One could make the case that all flamers/trolls are idiots, but that's a discussion for another context.

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Now you've given me ideas about a Touhou/Spongebob crossover! Mostly Yukari hunting him down with a flamethrower.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Why is "Silly, flamethrowers don't work underwater!" one of the first things that enters my head?


Who said he'd be underwater? He'd have is fishbowl, at least.


It's Yukari. All she has to do is manipulate the border between wet and dry.


Well, in regards to that, if she REALLY wanted to use a flamethrower to ruin any underwater location...
She just needs the [Border between Hydrogen and Oxygen] within water. So we go from "fire can't burn" to "best environment for a huge explosion" in just 1 simple step!

Also, for higher relevance, good rules- More sites should have similar.


In order to remain relevant, FINALLY GAWD SOME RULES HAVE BEEN SET UP.
It seemed like a free-for-all before.

But back to said Spongebob-Touhou crossover discussion.
@Dyne: Doesn't need to. MANY episodes have shown fire underwater and WORKING until someone mentions it. So, only if Spongebob questions why it works underwater in Spongebob's dimension, ONLY THEN will it fail. Then Yukari gets to boundary manipulate.

Or she could just make it simpler and use a harpoon.


Not even mentioning it would work. The only episode I kow that had someone mention it was the one where Spongebob and Patrick were on the run for stealing a balloon, and it was like:

* Sponebob: At least we have a fire to keep ourselves warm.
* Patrick: Hey, if we're underwater, how can there be a- *fire goes out*


* Patrick: Rauugh! That's IT! *steps on firewood, fire flares up again* OOOOOWWWWWW!


/ Modified by Dizzy H. Muffin:

Oh, yeah. It still would defy the laws of physics.
Therefore, Yukari could just bring a flamethrower and torch the poor denizens of Bikini Bottom to a horrid charred mess. Molotovs would be cheaper, though.

Only, there's two issues I question:
1: Does undersea pressure apply in the Spongebob Dimension? Because there's nothing that disproves it's activity there.
2: Can Yukari negate the Hydrogen in the water to only have oxygen?



This has no significance or what, but how do people use words to link to somewhere?


"Don't be an idiot."

Nah, just kidding.
It's too bad to have rules like that here, because it means that there are morons to break them.
And, my dear friend, I don't like that.



<a href="">words that people can read go here</a>


Two things, one under rule 4: "getiting". (Though I guess the way I phrased it and put together this comment, only that word falls under it. [RAMBLING TERMINATED]) The other is, have you considered adding rel=nofollow to links in comments? I mean, it wouldn't do anything helpful now, but in case someone decides that your presence in Google's suggested corrections merits reverse-engineering, it would cut down on link-spam. <- This hypothetical is probably silly, but I endorse foresight/paranoia. (What I'm wondering, now that I've brought it up, is, does that hurt any legitimate interests? I sort of doubt it...)

Dizzy H. Muffin

Typo corrected. And I really don't know what kind of difference it would make. I mean, if someone was being obviously-spammy about links I'd have no problem mercilessing them.

I can see it making sense for "links in the 'Link-field'," though. Added!


Come on, guys. All Yukari really needs to do is gap in a giant worm train.


Hmm, it seems the fact that Walfas comics can be found on Deviant art as well as here led my dumb a** to assume the commenting rules there and here were the same/similar, all I can can say is a big fat MY BAD.


Actually it's completely different due to two reasons.

1.) Deviant Art is mostly commenting on pics people either made or host.
2.) This is a web commic so people tend to check out the recint comments on the side.

With those two reasons it's kind of obvious that things are different for any site. So please don't think that all commenting sites on the pics are the same.

Dizzy H. Muffin

It's worse than that: it's primarily my personal website. It's just that people can comment on the pages, and Create.swf Adventures is now the overwhelming majority of pages here (I mean seriously, almost 450 and we're not even done with the first one, what's up with that). "I thought that black pudding was prepared the same way as Jell-O brand Instant Pudding because they're both called 'pudding'."


Black pudding? That doesn't sound so ba-
*clicks link*

Formica Archonis


Black pudding? That doesn't sound so ba-
*clicks link*

Trust me, it's not as horrific if you grew up with family members who ate it. Though watching the horror of little ones who assume something far less appetizing is being eaten is always fun!


Lol, it was mostly because I clicked the link and the first picture was some worm-like thing. I know that there's a bunch of stuff that doesn't look good that actually is pretty delicious.


Ever watch Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern? This show defines the phrase "looks bad, tastes great".

Henix Aurorus

Glad to see a good set of rules. :)

(And it being underwater in Bikini Bottom is completely irrelevant when Yukari's the one who has the flamethrower.)