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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest

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A youthful but otherwise Perfectly Ordinary witch, Marisa Kirisame (start here!), arrives at her old home in the Forest of Magic in Gensōkyō; her plans for the day involve picking mushrooms from the Forest for magical experiments.

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The Summary

After getting out the necessary utensils, she leaves her house and is promptly set upon by a pair of nameless fairies, which she quickly dispatches.

The first mushroom she acquires is a Useless Black Spotted Mushroom (her own term). She then discovers a gap in the forest left by a fallen tree, and, realizing that she hasn't been in that part of the forest before, she flies through and discovers a grove containing a number of mushrooms, most of which have been frozen.

Meanwhile, a little while earlier, legendarily-stupid ice-fairy Cirno decided to travel from the Misty Lake to the Forest of Magic with the intentions of showing off a Spell Card. She promptly gets lost and stumbles upon the same mushroom-filled grove Marisa had. She tries to eat a mushroom, but a dark figure suddenly appears behind her and detonates the explosive magic suffusing the mushroom, then knocks her out.

Marisa arrives on the scene and discovers that the culprit is none other than Mima, a ghost/spirit who taught Marisa how to use magic and is now more of an enemy. An altercation ensues, in which Mima reveals the existence of an Incident, but denies direct involvement and refuses to reveal anything more than that Marisa will discover that she is "the star." Her recalcitrance provokes Marisa to violence. During the fight, Cirno awakens, and as Marisa begins to gain the upper hand, Cirno starts flipping out, and Mima leaves, claiming that Cirno is being too noisy.

Marisa recruits Cirno in assisting her with the mushroom-hunt, then calls Reimu Hakurei, the Shrine Maiden of Gensōkyō's Hakurei Shrine, via CODEC (also known as KAWADEC) to tell her about the Incident. However, there is no response, so she calls Alice Margatroid (her lover) and then Nitori Kawashiro (the co-inventor of the CODEC device) to let them know about it. Nitori was acting strange, however. Marisa collects the mushrooms, realizing she only needs a few more.

Meanwhile, Alice sits alone in her home with Marisa, surrounded by dolls, experimenting in magic which allows her to extract, divide, recombine, and reinsert souls. She discovers that Marisa has already made lunch for her, accompanied by a love note. She soon finishes the spell, when suddenly a portal with eyes opens, startling the dolls, and there is a knock on the door.

Alice answers, flanked by several heavily-armed dolls, and meets Yukari Yakumo, who was responsible for sealing away Gensōkyō in its own pocket dimension. Yukari states that she wants to talk with Alice about her and Marisa's plans — specifically, whether or not they actually know what they're doing with their plans. They are distracted by a strange presence which Yukari periodically senses coming from Alice, and she resolves to investigate it after reassuring herself of Alice and Marisa's intentions and competence.

Elsewhere, floating above the trees, Mima abruptly announces to someone unspecified that something unspecified cannot affect her, and tells them to focus on someone else.

Marisa and Cirno, meanwhile, have now collected 43 mushrooms. Marisa gives one of them to Cirno, and reads a note from Alice. Cirno then remembers she wanted to show off her Spell Card, and challenges Marisa. Cirno opens with a variation on the Spell Card which was partially responsible for her "fame," given that it has a safe-spot right in front of her. Marisa, however, remembers that the "safe spot" is a trap, and dispatches her with a pumpkin-pie-themed Spell Card. Marisa gets a sudden urge to check her Spell Card inventory, then heads homeward to do experiments on the mushrooms, leaving Cirno to her own devices.

Meanwhile, Nitori has been making her way to the Hakurei Shrine. Her Optical Camoflage unit's battery having failed, she elects to approach the Hakurei shrine in plain view. She reaches the Shrine (at about the same time gets home), and meets Reimu, who explains that her KAWADEC-unit is broken; Nitori gives a brief summary of the Incident as they know it and prepares to fix the KAWADEC device. After some silliness, Nitori repairs the device. She asks about the fact that Reimu is wearing actual miko-robes. Reimu replies that she's now acting her age.

Around the same time, Yukari takes her leave from Alice's house. She promptly catches the entity responsible for the Incident, but decides to play along. She sends her shikigamis Chen and Ran Yakumo on a search, then goes to pester Mima. She catches the mysterious entity trying to get her to grab a mysterious pumpkin.

Marisa, meanwhile, sets up shop, and receives a call from Reimu, who reasons that if the "show" Mima mentioned is going to happen as a result of Marisa doing what comes "naturally," it may mean that Marisa's free will has been subverted. Marisa finishes the spell and calls Alice to bring her up to speed.

Yukari leaves Mima via gap, and receives a telepathic message from Ran, who has found whatever it was Yukari had asked her to search for. She then puts up the same kind of shield she put on Ran and Chen, rendering the "spirits" incapable of sending her messages.

At the Shrine, Cirno pesters Reimu, who declines a fight with her. Marisa discovers that the mysterious pumpkin has actually been a fooling-around Nitori, attempting to prank Marisa with her new Optical Camoflage. Marisa more or less chases her out, but then apologizes.

Alice has meanwhile created a mind-shield. It doesn't quite work.

Yukari interrupts Marisa's apology to ask Nitori about her breathing, which completely befuddles her. She examines her breathing, but doesn't find anything obviously unusual. She then gets blasted in her ears by a loud noise, and then ponders other explanations of the breath/air thing. At the same time, Marisa heads off to the Shrine.

There, and before Marisa arrives, Reimu seems to have come under the attentions of the "spirits." She promptly fends them off, and then unexpectedly attacks Cirno. Marisa, Nitori, and Alice (the remaining ones not currently shielded) immediately sense something amiss. Marisa tries to contact Reimu, who is surprisingly uncommunicative.

Alice catches the spirits trying to get her to test her ability to detect them. Nitori narrows the "breath" comment down to magical entities (though this isn't very narrow), and then Marisa calls her up to ask for backup in case of a confrontation with Reimu.

Nitori heads for the Shrine, taking various readings, and appears to make some sort of discovery just before nearly colliding with Reimu, who is pulsing with power, and says that she knows Nitori has figured it out before preparing to make the same assault she made on Cirno. Nitori dodges the initial attack, and tries to tell Reimu about her alliance with Marisa; Reimu brushes it off, saying she'll deal with her and Alice after Nitori.

Marisa senses danger and heads towards Nitori's location. Alice also senses danger, and briefly talks with Marisa. They conclude that if Reimu's gone crazy, they'll need Alice's Grimoire. Marisa waffles on whether to help Nitori or protect Alice, but Nitori renders the subject moot by transmitting Marisa the data she collected, and then lets Reimu attack her as a distraction. A massive explosion ensues, surprising Marisa, who then prepares to head home. She flies under the trees and reads the message Nitori sent her; its contents are hidden from the viewer by Yukari.

Alice, meanwhile, calls her mother Shinki, the dark goddess who created the demon-realm of Makai. After hearing her story, she promptly arrives in front of Alice's house, and puts up a shield around it. Marisa arrives soon after, followed quickly by Reimu via a gap.

They face off. Reimu claims that Marisa is being possessed by mindless spirits, sending them commands that reflect their own desires and thoughts. She ultimately claims that the best way to deal with it is if Marisa is unconscious, so Marisa brings in Shinki. Reimu goads Shinki into shielding her, and sets off a vast burst of energy which engulfs the forest, preventing everyone from recieving commands. Yukari gives one last glimpse, quoting Hamlet's last words, much to Mima's quickly-cut-off annoyance, and then closes the spirits' point of view once more.

End Of Act 1

The remaining mushroom is still sitting where Marisa left it. (At this point, the ice shards left over from Cirno's shenanigans are starting to melt.) However, it soon transforms into a mushroom-youkai who then names herself Masha Kinoko. After trying out the basics, she flies up and discovers a much larger world than she was expecting. She also discovers that she can summon exploding mini-mushrooms (actually a kind of danmaku). She then sets to work creating Spell Cards. She then receives a KAWADEC call from a mysterious individual calling herself "Boon," who reveals that she is aware that Masha is "extraordinary" and gives her instructions on what to do after she's done with her Spell Cards.

Masha cannot figure out who Boon is, but decides to follow her directions. Boon calls again, however, and warns her that Mima is approaching, then closes the connection before Masha can question her further.

Elsewhere, Boon (whose identity is kept hidden) confers with Yukari, and asks her a few questions of clarification, before Yukari directs her to send Masha the aforementioned warning.

Masha sees a group of fairies frolicking, and calls Boon in a panic; Boon instructs her to sneak past, and tells her that Mima is searching the grove, giving them more time. She uses a danmaku-mushroom as a distaction, and easily slips by; she then comes across a strange device, which Boon tells her is a Danmaku Measuring Device. After checking her mostly-empty inventory (the only extraneous item is a blank crumpled piece of paper), Masha leaves a proximity mushroom for Mima and then calls Boon to see if she can try the device when Mima isn't chasing her. Boon instead offers to run interference in person. Masha tests it with mushroom-lasers, and then absconds as it attracts Mima's attention.

The proximity-mushroom is a success, but Mima quickly catches up. Boon intervenes, wearing a Cyborg Ninja mask from Metal Gear Solid, and directs Masha to head to the Misty Lake, before revealing herself to be Aya Shameimaru, the crow-tengu reporter. Aya holds Mima off, while Masha heads to the Lake, where she receives a KAWADEC call on the "Boon" frequency from Yukari, who informs her that she appears to be a stage 3 boss, and to "wait for her."

At that moment, Aya is hit by Mima, but quickly recovers and fights on. Ultimately, she loses, but Yukari then hits Mima with a train. Masha, unaware of this, figures out the ability to clone herself, but then realizes that Yukari never specified which "her" she was talking about and flips out. She soon calms down, though, as a somewhat distinctive-looking fairy approaches, bemused by her behavior. The fairy introduces herself as Daiyousei (meaning simply "great fairy"); discovering that Masha is a "newborn" who met Yukari, Mima, and Aya first thing, she is understanding of Masha's skittishness.

Masha offers to help Daiyousei find Cirno, but Daiyousei declines, and also mentions that she (Daiyousei) has a "birth defect" in that she is actually intelligent. She then spends some time telling Masha about some of the locations in Gensōkyō. After Daiyousei mentions Mugenkan, a dream-world created by a flower-youkai named Yuuka Kazami, Masha wonders if she might do something similar, but Daiyousei explains that Yuuka is one of the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo, and thus it is unlikely that Masha will be able to do anything like it.

She then catches Masha off-guard by saying she noticed a guilty-reaction at multiple mentions of Cirno, and demands to know what her deal is. An altercation ensues, in which Masha explains that she has still memories of being a mushroom (Daiyousei seems to find this relatively common), and that she saw Cirno getting attacked at the Shrine. Daiyousei wonders how she saw this if the "mushroom" was off in a grove somewhere. Masha really doesn't know anything, so Daiyousei lets her off the hook. Yukari then calls her to inform her that she's letting her off the hook as well: she had thought that Masha might be a threat, but was now letting her go. She also mentions that she defeated Mima. Aya also calls her to inform her of her own loss.

Masha relays this to Daiyousei, and they set off to find Cirno; Daiyousei lends Masha some blank Spell Cards to replace the dead leaves. Daiyousei internally concludes that Yukari's involvement is limited to "fooling around again." They arrive at the Shrine, and Daiyousei is initially frustrated by a lack of anything they can detect, but Masha finds a terse note from Reimu, directed at "to whom it may concern," saying she's at Alice and Marisa's house, and that Cirno is there, written on the back of "Melancholy, Scarlet, and Yagokoro" stationery — the names of a hospital containing, in Daiyousei's words, the three greatest doctors in the world.

Masha finds herself losing more of her memories, including the way to Marisa's house, though Daiyousei leads her there. As they arrive in the Forest, Daiyousei asks if Masha needs to rest, considering she's a Newborn and already she's had to deal with a lot. Masha explains that she's merely unsettled by the fairies due to the fact that her last encounter with them was when Mima was after her; Daiyousei reassures her that she will back her up no matter what. Masha prepares a new Spell Card, and prepares to move forward with Daiyousei. It takes six seconds to lead to a fight.

Meanwhile, Marisa is asleep at her and Alice's home. Alice has a flashback to a meeting with Medicine Melancholy (of Melancholy, Scarlet, and Yagokoro fame), there along with Reimu, Nitori, and Cirno; Nitori and Medicine identify the cause of the Incident as fungal spores (and they also reveal that the proper name for the mushroom species was is "unstable fly agaric," not "fantastically adequate red explosion shroom"). Medicine prescribes a medicine intended to stimulate their immune system, plus rest for an hour as it runs its course. Reimu, Marisa, and Nitori bickered about how the spores were spreading, and now bicker about why there were so many.

Aya, meanwhile, ponders the events and realizes that she really has no clear idea of what's going on, and Yukari had to have known that her interest would have been piqued, so she resolves to continue investigating. She makes her way to the grove where Masha was born, where she encounters Chen, waiting for her. Aya approaches cautiously, and in the ensuing conversation, Aya figures out that the instigator of the Incident, whatever it is, is Masha. Chen, however, prepares to take her leave, and escapes through a gap before Aya can react.

Masha launches an exploding mushroom at the enemy fairies, but only takes out one of them, due to a failure to explode. The other one, as Masha prepares to take it out, then reveals itself to be a sub-boss. Masha panics as she tries to use a Spell Card, leading Daiyousei to attempt to back her up, but Masha is accidentally hit by Daiyousei's danmaku. Daiyousei attacks with a more aggressive pattern, and Masha joins in with an exploding mushroom. The fairy poofs out of existence, whereupon Daiyousei insists that Masha go home with her and rest. Masha follows her home, and falls asleep there, dreaming of mushrooms and life force, though she awakens soon enough.

Meanwhile, the maleficent companionship known as Team ❽ meets up. It consists of four powerful youkai: Mima, with the title of Deathly Dusk, Rumia Yagami, known as the Shining Shadow, Nue Houjuu, AKA Chimeric Dark, and Yuuka Kazami, the Horticultural Blackness. Mima tells the others of a large clump of life-energy which had then formed Masha. This inspires Nue to come up with an idea ...

Aya heads to the Shrine and discovers Reimu's note. She hurriedly turns around and starts heading for Alice and Marisa's house, arriving just in time for their quarantine barrier to go down. Cirno then flies out of the house, while Aya overhears Alice berating Marisa for putting the barrier up in the first place. As Cirno flies up above the trees and finds her girlfriend Utsuho Reiuji, Aya approaches steps into the house; her mere presence seems to infuriate Marisa. She decides that the best way to go about this is an honest exchange of information. They begin discussing what they know. The biggest mystery is now 1. why the fungal spores spread so thick, and 2. what the Incident actually has to do with Masha. They decide to actually visit the grove where Masha was born, which Marisa recognizes as the one where she met Cirno and fought Mima.

After some discussion, Marisa and the others conclude that there had been a large concentration of life-force in the grove, causing Masha's particular mushroom to produce a multitude of spores, with some of the life-force going along for the ride. Cirno's freezing of the mushrooms, combined with Reimu and Shinki setting up a barrier, allowed the life-force to condense on the remaining mushroom, forming Masha.

Reimu and Marisa decide to find Masha, and as they go out and look, they reflect on the ten years since Marisa became a youkai and married Alice, and the fifteen years since the events of Phantasmagoria of Flower View. Reimu notices that Yukari has been spying on them, and gets an explanation to the effect that Yukari and Ran have been watching over Masha, and Yukari gave Masha her KAWADEC. At the same time, Masha wakes up less than half an hour since she went to sleep, and a mildly-annoyed Daiyousei comes and tells her that Reimu and Marisa want to meet her. Masha meets Marisa and then Reimu, and accepts their invitation to the post-Incident tea party, wondering what life will have in store for her next. Or even if the craziness is all over yet.

Shenanigans in a Fiery Netherworld

There is a flashback introducing Yasora Kojiwa, a yatagarasu (three-legged crow) who was a part of Yukari's lunar invasion. She received fatal injuries in the battle, however, so the view then shifts to Utsuho Reiuji in her home in the subterranean Palace of Earth Spirits, immediately after the events of Subterranean Animism — the backstory of which states that she consumed a yatagarasu and gained its power, that of manipulation of nuclear fission and fusion with the aid of her "control rod"/"third leg" arm-cannon, and during which she attempted to conquer the surface-world with her newfound power. Satori Komeiji, of whom Utsuho is a pet, subsequently confiscated the arm-cannon, and sent Utsuho to bed without supper.

Yasora, who is now conscious within Utsuho's mind, has been attempting to command her, with mixed results; the problem is that Utsuho really isn't the taking-over-the-world type, and isn't always conscious of Yasora's commands. She also believes that she deserves punishment, and had apologized to Satori numerous times. Yasora eventually gets an idea: Utsuho goes to sleep with Yasora's encouragement, and Yasora gains a more direct control over Utsuho's actions. She directs Utsuho to fly over to Satori's bedroom door, and induces a dream that she is fighting a giant Marisa. Yasora gleefully directs her to fire off a single miniature sun, realizing that she'll be able to take complete control of Utsuho's body, but Satori opens the door before Utsuho's attack is fully charged, and uses a Spell Card called Terrifying Hypnotism.

Utsuho awakens, mistaking the Spell Card (which has now ended) for a dream. Satori explains that Utsuho was sleepwalking, and leads her back to her room. She then reveals that she can hear Yasora's thoughts while Utsuho is asleep, and instructs her not to try this sort of thing again, on threat of an unspecified punishment which Utsuho supposedly wouldn't even notice. Rin "Orin" Kaenbyou, Satori's pet hell-cat, approaches, wondering what the commotion was; Satori tells her that Utsuho had been sleepwalking, and asks her to keep an eye on Utsuho in case it happens again. Yasora apparently does try something a few days later; Satori retaliates with cuteness.

Over a year later, Utsuho is hanging around in the nuclear reactor, shortly after her relationship with Cirno began. The first thing she does is to deal with a problem in the Reactor, and she ponders her relationship with Cirno, since it's off to a somewhat rocky start. Orin, concerned that Utsuho has been spending virtually all her waking hours in the reactor, comes over and suggests that she try to form a schedule, which also allows her to spend more time with Cirno.

The story shifts forward another year or so, to a battle between Utsuho and a demon named Konngara. Utsuho is only able to survive by way of Yasora's intervention. This sparks a general realization of Yasora's presence, and also makes Utsuho rather nervous. A bit of an altercation ensues; Yasora seems to wish to make amends, but Utsuho interprets all her words as hostility.

Meanwhile, there are other events depicted along the way related to this. During the fight with Konngara, Rumia Yagami detected Yasora, and they had a brief conversation. Much later, she tells Yuuka and Mima a little bit about Yasora when describing the Lunar invasion. (Quite a bit earlier, Rumia and Yuuka spoke about Rumia's plan to attack Yukari while Yuuka, Mima, Reimu, and Marisa went to Makai during the events of Mystic Square.) And now, Nue describes her plan to Rumia, Mima, and Yuuka, who decide to follow through with it.

Act ⑥

Masha reflects on the tea party she had with the others (it had been a bit too crowded for her), wandering through the forest. She decides to find Daiyousei and heads for her house, but soon finds a pair of fairies. She privately develops a Spell Card, then attempts to greet them, but is met with danmaku. She flees into the sky, only to encounter more fairies. She is swamped by bigger swarms of fairies, but manages to pull out one of her Spell Cards, defeating all of them. This is observed by Mima, who also goes unnoticed. She seems to approve of Masha.

Masha returns to the forest floor to avoid any further fairies, only to find the two she originally fled from. Fortunately, they are no longer interested in starting a fight, and help Masha create a fairy-ring Spell Card. After a bit of fooling around, Masha takes her leave, and soon runs into Daiyousei, who notices that Masha has changed size.

While Masha is having a flipout, during which she expands to larger than her normal size, Daiyousei catches sight of Nue lurking amid the trees. She isn't too worried, but Masha is still on edge, even after calming down at first. However, they are both plunged into sudden darkness, and then set upon by Rumia Yagami (in her role as the Shining Shadow), armed with the Sword of Light and Darkness, with which she kills Daiyousei (who as a fairy will of course respawn soon afterward). Rumia then prepares to kidnap Masha.

Cirno and Utsuho, flying above the trees, hear the commotion, and investigate, finding the edge of Rumia's darkness. Cirno recognizes it, and she and Utsuho assume that Rumia is up to no good, but Rumia swamps them with her darkness and "kills" Cirno. Utsuho goes berserk, launching miniature suns everywhere; this catches the attention of Marisa and Alice as they arrive at Marisa's old home. Yuuka then knocks out Utsuho with a Master Spark of her own, and she and the rest of Team ❽ make off with an unconscious Masha and Utsuho. Marisa checks in with Reimu, and then she and Alice take off to go investigate; she also calls Nitori for backup.

Marisa and Alice arrive on the scene and discover Daiyousei, who explains that Rumia apparently intends to exploit the properties of the kind of mushroom Masha was based on. Cirno then also respawns, irately wondering what happened to Utsuho. While Daiyousei comforts Cirno, Marisa and Alice attempt to magically locate Team ❽. Failing that, Marisa calls Nitori, who quickly cuts the transmission because she has seen them approaching her location. Nitori uses infrared goggles to see through Rumia's darkness, even when she tries to engulf her, but their fight is interrupted by Yuuka, who knocks out Nitori from behind. Marisa, Alice, and Reimu each head towards Youkai Mountain, not knowing what has become of Nitori yet; Yukari watches from a hidden gap.

Reimu uses a gap to rejoin Alice and Marisa, who are ready for battle. They discover Team ❽ near the foot of the mountain, with Mima putting a spell on Masha and Utsuho. The others prepare to fight the heroines. During the fight, Reimu realizes that one of their opponents is absent. Mima then arrives, announcing that the spell isn't working perfectly, but "plan B" is proceeding. Masha grows to gigantic proportions, and then shrinks down to a regular size, as Utsuho apparently explodes into a miniature sun. It clears, revealing that Yasora is now the one in command of her body.

After bickering with Utsuho's voice in her head for a bit, Yukari pulls Team ❽ into gaps, along with Reimu, who prepares to deliver them a beatdown. She then offers Yasora the option of what happens next; Yasora's response is to fire a beam at her, which Yukari dodges via a gap, so she lets Alice and Marisa deal with her. An altercation ensues; they convince Yasora to at least follow the Spell Card rules, despite Utsuho attempting to infuriate her in her head.

The battle is joined. Yasora reveals that using Spell Cards enables her to manifest a spiritual form of herself outside of Utsuho's body (as well as making Utsuho go "dormant"); attacking this results in Yasora firing more danmaku from it. (Early on, Muffin, who is "playing this as a game," uses Cheat Engine to give himself maximum power and infinite lives.) Partway through, Satori and Orin catch sight of this in their search for Utsuho, and Nitori also joins the fray, having previously awakened herself. Masha also begins to regain consciousness, and flees the scene. She nearly collides with Satori, who deduces from Masha's memory of a "sudden shadow" that Rumia is involved. With Masha irrationally clinging to Satori, she and Orin investigate the fallen Team ❽, with Satori taking an interest in Mima; she orders Orin to hold her still, and then reads her mind, preparing to use her Terrifying Hypnotism ability.

Orin joins the fray shortly before Yasora activates her final Spell Card. They have some difficulty, but then Yukari arrives and asks if they want a power-boost so that they can use their Last Words with impunity; Marisa accepts. In order, she charges up Nitori, Orin, Alice, and finally Marisa, who finishes off Yasora with her incredibly silly Sepiechritude Spell Card.


Orin catches Utsuho's prone form, and Satori informs Utsuho and Yasora that punishment for both of them is imminent. Yukari briefly shows up, and reveals that she had not intended Yasora's death, and was in fact disappointed; Satori corroborates this. They all get ready to head to bed, because it's far too late for all of them.

Several days later, Alice and Marisa have finished their experiments. The process directly involves Alice extracting Marisa's soul and taking a bit away before reinserting it, though Marisa recovers quickly. Alice then undergoes the same process, before both extracted-bits are inserted into Shanghai. Fulfilling Alice's lifelong dream of creating an independently-moving doll, Shanghai begins to speak and move on her own. Alice and Marisa's time with their new daughter is only briefly interrupted by Aya, but Marisa quickly sets that aside.

Some fifteen years later, Masha is now quite adept at dealing with, say, Mima. Marisa, meanwhile, has invited her to a party at the Hakurei Shrine, where they are celebrating the midway point of the current 60-Year Cycle (which began in Phantasmagoria of Flower View). The most interesting thing of note that actually happens there is that Utsuho, who is now friends with Yasora, delivers Yukari a boot to the head. At the end, Masha simply heads home, satisfied with the way her life has been turning out so far.

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