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CSA0001: Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You are MARISA KIRISAME. You call yourself an ORDINARY WITCH, even though you are approximately the third-biggest name in GENSŌKYŌ, a sealed-away reality which contains many examples of MAGIC, YOUKAIs, and MISCELLANEOUS SUPERNATURAL SHENANIGANS. You live in the FOREST OF MAGIC with ALICE MARGATROID, the love of your life. It is mid-morning, and you have just arrived at your old home, a COTTAGE in another part of the FOREST.

You briefly ponder the fact that RED TEXT is text which has been localized from JAPANESE to ENGLISH for the convenience of NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS; text which is colored MIDORI has merely been transliterated from JAPANESE CHARACTERS into ROMAJI TEXT for the inconvenience of NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS; and BLUE TEXT was already in English. You also make a mental note that if you are given a COMMAND formed as a QUESTION, you can simply think of the answer to the best of your ability.

However, you brush aside such concerns, and set your sights on today's plans, which consist of experiments involving MUSHROOMS which, being natives to the MAGIC FOREST, are sure to have magical properties. The ultimate goal: produce a large amount of NON-DESTRUCTIVE MAGICAL ENERGY. This will be somewhat difficult, because you're mostly only good at the other kind. Your kitchen, however, has not yet been prepared for such things, nor do you have any MUSHROOMS.

What will you do first?

> Quickly retrieve arms from hat.

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> Swiftly acquire appendages from pumpkin.

John Evans

>Quickly retrieve shenanigans from dresser.

Hunter 1

> Find mushrooms in a drawn-out adventure that will take some time, will involve many gags and insanity, and will make up for the fact that by the time you're done with that, the actual preparations and experiments will be amazingly simple and easy.

(Since hey, someone had to make a reasonable command...)


> Rapidly obtain stealth camo from pumpkin


> Quickly retrieve unsafe means of harm.


...OH, HELL YES! Muffin, you win forever.


Oh, and:

> Use Pumpkin for Spell practice.


> Quickly retrieve arms from pumpkin.
> Use Pumpkin to test non-destructive spells.


>Retrieve mini-Hakkero from under hat. But, y'know, no rush.


Retrieve housekey from reality void.


> Rapidly obtain stealth camo from pumpkin


Homestuck lolwut.


"You live in the FOREST OF MAGIC with ALICE MARGATROID, the love of your life."

I can't help but wonder if it was deliberate that this is the third sentence...

Dizzy H. Muffin

Hm? What do you mean?


Well, in SWA you solidified Alice and Marisa's relationship in the third comic. And the third sentence in this was about the same thing.

I suppose it's just an amusing coincidence. ^_^

... What is that little grey thing on the pumpkin? o.O


>Against all logic, actually return Patchouli's books to laugh at people's expressions.

Kitsune Inari

I just noticed, shouldn't proper names be shown in green rather than red? I mean, they're transliterated to rĂ´maji, not translated to english. Right?

Dizzy H. Muffin

The red ones use the Western order (given name followed by family name). The green ones (see "Kirisame Marisa" here) use the Japanese order (family name followed by given name).

Kitsune Inari

Aw turd, epic CSS colouring fail :P