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CSA0608: [Ending] Masha: Sell toadstools to Suwako.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You consider it, but nah. Speaking of which, you're still not sure why HUMANS make such a big deal about GODS, but SUWAKO MORIYA, the FROG GODDESS OF EARTH, is pretty cool to be around.

You're rather pleased with this new hairstyle you got with the help of ALICE and REIMU (along with a HAIR-GROWTH SPELL commonly used by certain YOUKAI). You think you'll keep it.

Still a nice day, regardless. You can just kick back and relax in your GROVE until the end of the day.

> [Ending] Doll: Speak.

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...and this answers that question. Wyrm is a ⑨.

Player Three

I just realized. Masha's grove is where she was born, isn't it?

Dizzy H. Muffin