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CSA0320: Aya: Try a new tactic. Offer a completely honest information exchange.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You actually manage to convince them to start listening, by way of mentioning the TOMFOOLERY committed by YUKARI. MARISA decides she's just going to head off and play on her LAPTOP MAGICOMPUTER.

You are fairly certain that, between all of you, you have enough information to figure this out. This STRIFE MODUS: CONVERSE will therefore be CO-OP: anyone can recieve commands. This does not, however, mean that each line of dialogue will be the result of a command: you will all surely have your own remarks to make.

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John Evans

Aya: So I'm going to publish a birth announcement about a new youkai!


All together now



>Aya: Ask the miko if it's alright to take a picute in her current outfit since it's something new to you.
>Alice: See how Marisa is doing, and possibly have a moment of sunggle time.
>Nitori: Ask how Yukari got Aya involved.

Ok well away from the strife for the moment:

>Cirno: Glomp Utsuho to show that you are teh strongest.

>Daiyousei: Head for the lake side beofre anyone gets hurt by mistake.


Hooray! Masha body!

...Wait, I already knew that.

...Still! Hooray!


Reimu: Ask Aya what she knows so far.
Aya: Tell the group everything you know about the minor incident and Yukari's foolery.
Alice: Consider making tea.
Nitori: Check Aya's health values, she might be infected as well.
Marisa: Crack highscore in a shmup.
Cirno and Utsuho: kiss each other ^_^


Alright, now we're making progress!

Alice: Go make tea. Be a good housewife.
Aya: Announce newborn! Keep being sexy! Make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that Reimu understands that Masha is no threat.
Nitori: Run scans on everyone to make sure that no one is compromised.
Reimu: This is basically your show. What in Shinki's name are you about?!

Formica Archonis

Kimiko Muffin
Oh, by the way, guess what just got added to create.swf!

When I saw reference to a "Red mushroom" body on Walfas I couldn't help but laugh, and downloaded it to confirm. Bravo.:)


Oh congrats man. It seems they now added you OC onto the create.swf site now.

Formica Archonis

You are fairly certain that, between all of you, you have enough information to figure this out.

We do? Okay, so what do we have?

1) Masha.
2) Mima's interested in Masha.
3) Officially, Yukari's no longer interested in Masha.
4) Unofficially, she's still dropping hints.
5) Mind control spores makin' people crazy, but no longer.
6) Non-youkai shrooms are currently cooking.
6b) I regret last time I went to use my computer while I had shrooms cooking. I wound up with shrooms burning. Far less tasty.
6c) There's magic mushrooms and magic mushrooms. Masha's a magic magic mushroom.
7) Alice (and Marisa, kinda) is experimenting with animistic doll-animating magic mojo.
8) 6b is irrelevant. 6c is little better.
9) Idiot.

So.... There any reason to assume that the spores were NOT a side-effect of the oncoming youkai transformation?


Aya knows about the birth of the fly agaric mushroom youkai while the others know about a mind reaeping spore infection from a fly agaric mushroom... I really don't see Masha ending well in this. If there's something behind it all, then it's known be Yukari, who won't tell s**t about it, and Mima, who has never explained her reasons. Perhaps the best bet would be to go after her or other members of Midnight Crew.

>Aya: Tell about Masha, and the interest both Yukari and Mima had in her. Tell them Masha's Codec number, so she doesn't have to meet face to face with Reimu.


> Utsuho : Make a giant nuclear sun as a present for Cirno.


Hooray, Masha is spreading across the web. Now all we need now is for her to viral video on youtube! But that might be asking a little to much for our moeshroom. Anyway...

>Aya: Tell what you know about Masha and the attention she got from Yukari and Mima.

>Remiu: Be yourself, go out and punish Masha for(unintentionally) casing an incident as a Stage 3 boss even though it wasn't that big of an incident. Only a Stage 5 or higher are allowed to cause incidents.

>Alice: Ask Aya if she knows in any detail what caused the exsitance of Masha to be possible. It may prove insightful.

>Notori: Ask about this machine that measures a person's strength level and why the bowling pin is necessary.

Hakurou Musha

I had a long post all typed up and stuff, talking about what everyone knows IC, and having Alice figure out that Masha's origin site was the same place Mima ganked Cirno.

But in the end, the only conclusion I came to is that from here, it's better to just sit back and draw shut the border of interactivity and inexorability. So I'm out. Good luck with your commands, all.