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CSA0319: Cirno: Head to the lake for snuggles! Hooray!


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest



Unbeknownst to you, DAIYOUSEI watches you charge forward, and instantly deduces UTSUHO's presence, closing her case.

Your relationship with UTSUHO REIUJI partly owes itself to the fact that the two of you have SIMILAR LEVELS OF INTELLIGENCE. (Where you are a ⑨, UTSUHO is seen as a ⑥. Nobody is entirely certain why.) It's been doing rather well over the years.

As you get closer, you see that UTSUHO is currently ...

> Aya: Try a new tactic. Offer a completely honest information exchange.

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If you ask me that pretty much was Masha's first day out. Pretty harsh for her, but at least she's still in one piece though.


My first thought was, "The enemy has turned Utsuho into an ellipsis!"

Formica Archonis

And halfway through I was about to say that Daiyousei's arc ended anticlimactically, and then I saw the ellipsis.


Thanks DiMistine, now I can't get the image of Utsuho and Cirno doing Hula out of my head.


Why do I get the impression that just off-screen there's a Cirno-making factory spitting out our beloved ⑨-balls? (Ka-choong1 Ka-choong! Ka-choong!)


You know, considering that Corvidae are the smartest non-primate (and, as the case may be, non-youkai) family excepting dolphins, I always had to wonder if Okuu is really that dumb. It could be she's secretly smarter than most everybody else in Gensokyo, and happens to care more about enjoying herself than establishing status quo. Y'know, the same reason dolphins haven't enslaved us all. It's an interesting theory, at least.


Very true. Plus, if you ever meet her while she is tending the reactor, you will find she ,possibly, is the most capable nuclear physicist in all of Gensokyo and possibly the world.