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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest




Let's just say AYA is not your friend, and leave it at that.

Ah, CREATE.SWF ADVENTURES. It's too bad this guy stopped doing this years ago, when she started really focusing on making her own GAMES. But apart from all the WEIRD POSTMODERN SHIT, it was a satisfying endi(FZZZT)

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...Will this reflect reality in any way? </obvious question>

Dizzy H. Muffin

I can only say with certainty that it reflects an alternate one.


Which, for all we know, parallels this one.


Wow, Muffin so you think it'll eventually go that high? I mean if it does then by all means that would be the best way of posting something.

I have to say it this one made me lol because of what you did here.


And just now I notice the 413. B'duh.

Spirit Tsunami

Yeah, that was post-modern, it's actually post-futuristic.


Created: Sat 22 Oct 2016 LOLWUT!?


...Do I see a possible self-plug for what Muffin wants to pursue as a career?

Formica Archonis

Wait a second.


The sentence cut off with a FZZZT.

Ground control to Marisa: Your circuit's dead, there's nothing that rhymes with Marisa. Can you hear me Marisa?

Player Three

@Saphyr: CSA is set "sometime in the future".

I swear, Muffin, if you take CSA all the way to 4130 and end it like that, I will shit brix. If I'm still following it at that time and if I can remember this.

@Formica Archonis: The next page begins with a FZZZT. A forced flashback, maybe? A side-effect of following so many characters at once? ...I've got nothing.


YEAH! I predicted the ending XD