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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Along with sapience, via WEIRD MAGIC SHIT, you appear to have gained some other knowledge -- enough to function in the YOUKAI equivalent of civilization, in fact. This includes a reasonable grasp of the JAPANESE and ENGLISH languages. Most of the other knowledge seems to be distorted and/or confused, however. All you know for sure is that until just now, you were a mindless little MUSHROOM, but you have now become a YOUKAI. You are also aware that there were a bunch of people you could send COMMANDS to, but now you can't. Reasoning that an intelligent being must have a name, you decide to name yourself! No, you aren't going to ask for advice from anyone else! You're going to come up with a name for yourself all on your own!

You are now MASHA KINOKO. You are not precisely a TSUKUMOGAMI, though you came into existence by a similar mechanism; it is more accurate to say that you are a MUSHROOM YOUKAI. You had no plans for today, because you had no mind until just now. You were previously able to influence the actions of several other beings in and around the FOREST OF MAGIC, and you think that the mechanism for doing this may have involved SPIRITS of some sort, but it's rather vague; not only are you now MASHA KINOKO, one could say that you always have been.

What will you do first?

> Masha: Quickly retrieve arms from cap.

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Maybe Carroll was produced through Marisa-spores. Maybe this is why our two lovebirds don't wanna talk about it.

Player Three

That is just adorable, Sixten.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Eeee, yes.

She is supposed to have long poofy oversized sleeves kinda like Shou ... but I can't quite really bring myself to care about that. X3


@Muffin: Just declare the sleeves detachable. Then it all works out and we can all obsess over armpits like the well-balanced individuals we are. I mean ... doo dee doo dee doo. =P

Please excuse me while I take a moment to smack myself upside the head.

@Cleric: An archive re-binge actually finds remarkably little giggling between Malice and none that I'd consider unambiguously over the soul-splicing project. If Project Carroll is going on in addition to Project Shanghai I'd assume that either they are only linked by both requiring a power source for their respective spells or that they are linked in the other direction (splitting off some soul from Carroll-zygote for Shanghai; this sounds like pulling the project back into sketch territory, though).

This conversation is weirdly inspirational:
> Masha: New plan for the day: get ye a girlfriend!


Started a new game of Pokemon Ruby today.

Caught a Shroomish.

Named it Kinoko.

Kinoko: Get used to new body. We should be confident in our ability to utilize our newfound agility before risking crossing paths with Marisa.


I still expect to get cannibalized for the dollsoul project, especially if Masha's apparent MPD/schizophrenia implies the possibility of multiple souls or a safely splittable soul.

Also, whoever came up with the Saporing line - I both hate and love you.

>Masha: Eat nearest dead tree.


Teejeh, I'm still betting on whatever Alice is doing to be of paramount importance. Conservation of Detail has been in effect this whole time, and I see no evidence to lead me to believe otherwise.

We shall see.

>Masha: Eat dead tree or whatever corpse may be handy.

Formica Archonis

I go away for a day and awesome art shows up.:) Good job, Sixten!


>Retrieve arms from Cap


>Spirits: Stop giving commands until Muffin makes a new page so we no longer have to see the same command over and over again.

Kitsune Inari



> Kinoko Masha: Go around the forest to introduce yourself to your neighbors and make new friends of them. Optionally, collect a basket of (non-sentient) mushrooms as a present.

Centari Klaar

> Kinoko Masha: Attempt magical Abilities by summoning Mushroom Spirits!


>Masha: Quickly use spores to grow arms. It doesn't matter if you already have arms, but it might be a good idea to have a few extras, just in case.


Someone already did an illust?

Hmm... Next character, then.

Formica Archonis

Someone already did an illust?
Hmm... Next character, then.

Hey, if the mood takes you, feel free to draw something. Cuteness is no less cute because someone got there first.:)


Dang it, why hasn't anyone said this yet
I'm disappointed in you other suggesters
fucking mushrooms how do they work

Paradoxical Frog

*just finished massive archive binge*
Lovely twist there; I wasn't expecting a mushroom youkai. Can't wait to see what happens next. :3

No, by all means go on. More interpretations will just make things more interesting.

It's Gensokyo. Just go with it.

> Masha: Figure out how to weaponize your cuteness.

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