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CSA0197: Masha: Quickly retrieve arms from cap.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You've already got arms, fungus-brain!

> Masha: Focus on the basics.

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Fuck, I am slain of moe.

Player Three

Well punned.

Also, sleeves longer than her arms? Oh jeez. I can't unsee the extreme moe.

Look out, Yuyuko. A challenger has appeared.


So moe I'm gonna die.
A smiling little fungus with long sleeves...

Hakurou Musha

You speak treasonous blasphemy, and I shall tell our Lady that you have volunteered for permanent kitchen duty.

As soon as I stop melting into a formless puddle of ectoplasm. D'aawwwww~

Formica Archonis

Masha: Get taken home by me. Omochikaeriiiiiiiiiii!


Aww, all the ice is gone...
That last piece of ice must have melted from Masha's cuteness. Figures that she's the first OC here to get fanart.