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CSA0516: Utsuho: Use Annoyance Sign: Song That Never Ends.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest

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You know, I once sang that song for half an hour straight. While at work. I work at a restaurant. True story.

Dizzy H. Muffin

She "woke up" when the Spell Card ended. Obviously. ;)


Either Utsuho has been putting some ranks into psychological warfare or she really is just that annoying.


So in other words we can give Okuu commands after a spell card is done or so I'm guessing here. In any case it slightly works ot our advantage that we didn't need to cheat to begin with... hopefully.



Rule of Funny

Tewi Inonymous

I stand by my statement that sharing a body with okuu is cruel and unusual punishment, and thus unconstitutional.


Tangentially, a Gensokyo constitution would be an interesting document.

Burning Snow

They have one, Reimu wrote it. It's called the Spell Card Rules.


It's a good thing Satori are immune to earworms indeed.