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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest



No, wait, that would be stupid. You are just YASORA KOJIWA, possessing UTSUHO REIUJI. Sort of like the way things were before, except the other way around.

In your last conversation with that UNTHOUGHTFUL RAVEN, you finally got fed up, and decided to revert to your old method of doing things, because jegus, it's just easier being evil. Your plan for the night, with the help of your friends new and old in TEAM , is to seriously fuck everybody's shit up. You think you'll start with a certain RELIGIOUS HEROINE, a MEDDLESOME KID, and an ANNOYING MARIONETTEER, whom you're given to understand are your biggest obstacles at the moment. You're certain YUKARI YAKUMO will show up eventually, at which point you can have a NICE LONG TALK about a certain INVASION you were part of.

It looks like it's going to be a nice warm night, this being JUNE 15 and all. Of course, you are going to make it warmer.

What will you do first?

> Yasora: Quickly retrieve arms from cannon!

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Yasora Kojiwa: It's time to kick ass and kick ass. And I'm well-equipped to kick ass.

>Yasora: It's time to kick ass and play card games. And I'm all out of cards. *makes spell-cards*


Yasora: Be unceremoniously killed by Vriska for NO REASON.


>Marisa: Everybody out of the god damn way. You have a hat full of danmaku, a fist full of broom, and a head full of... stuff!

Would be better if Nue had a hat. Ah well.


Funny thing is, Yasotsuho Reiujiwa actually sounds pretty cool.

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