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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


There we go!

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convenient hairband is convenient.


Very convinent, perhaps too convinent...
(P.S. According to this spellcheck, "convinent" is not a word and so is "spellcheck" too. I'm going to call that a fail.)


"convinent" is indeed not a word; the correct spelling is - conveniently - written in the post above yours. "spellcheck" is flagged because it should be two words (hyphen optional), not one.

Presuming you're using Firefox, you can right-click on red-lined words to see what the software thinks you might have meant. Spell-checking software isn't perfect, but it's generally pretty good; if it thinks you're wrong, it's worth at least taking a look at why.


Evil Transformation Sequense!TM (Hariband change not included)