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CSA0475: [S] Yasora: Rise up.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest

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I-I-I...I am completely awed.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Says the guy who made the shadow-Utsuho. ;)

Added this to the music page, by the way.


I thought it was going to be a fade-from-dark, not a fade-from-NUCLEARFUSION, so I'm pleasantly surprised.


That was full of awesome awesomeness. And epic epicness.

Wait, what happens to Masha now? I have to wait for the next update?


I suppose when you have been dead for centuries and living in someone else's body for several years, you would want to make your return as dramatic and mind-blowing as possible. Congratulations to both of you, Kimiko Muffin(for the comic strip and the awesome music) and Shintear(for the epic picture of Yasora). Bravo guys, bravo.


Awesome. Great art Shintear. Great strip Muffin.

Miko Mischa

Nuuuu! My darling Utsuho! D: I'll never forgive you all!

Formica Archonis

And I'm going to subject you all to the chorus of Machinae Supremacy's Rise because it seems really appropriate. (Note: Verses both non-appropriate and slightly cussy.)

Like legion they rise, my doomsday device

Inside, somewhere inside
A different light, a different mind
Inside, somewhere inside
I'd like to find a different kind
of you; nothing like you.


That is some epic trumpeteering I just heard there.



Itsudemo Otakun

"I summon Mega Ultra Chicken! Arise, Chicken! ARISE!!"


So in the end Okuu reverts back to her Yasora-like self. Why do I get this feeling that she would like to take over the world again?


I get the feeling she'll thank team (8) by nuking them and everyone else she can see