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My own musical creations, in a more organized and actually-described form. Notwithstanding really-obvious-remixes and the like, I will always say if it's based on an existing tune; any resemblance to anything else is unintentional/coincidental.

I own an Edirol SD-90 Studio Canvas, one of the synthesizers used by ZUN (in particular, the real source of his idiosyncratic trumpets).

Creative Commons License
These works by Dizzy H. Muffin are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Where noted, they are based on works by Team Shanghai Alice or others.

I've started putting some of these on SoundCloud, too!


I use Noteworthy Composer to create MIDI files, which I then send through SynthFont to create the actual sound-files, using various soundfonts I found on the internet. With the SD-90, I set it as the Playback Device in Noteworthy Composer, then record it using Audacity with the SD-90 set as the recording device. (If you want to use SynthFont and an external device like the SD-90, it's a good idea to have some way of synchronizing things; I do it by having Noteworthy Composer play a single note several measures before the beginning of the music, recording that along with everything else, and then aligning them together in Audacity.)


  • The Bibliophile with the Enciphered Eye (SoundCloud) - I don't really have any specific inspirations for the structure, other than just the original and just "rocking out really hard"; I guess there's bits of "Pure Furies" from Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom and some "Last Occultism" from Urban Legend in Limbo? Eh, it works on its own terms as much as anything else, I guess.

  • Eyes Undeciphered (SoundCloud) - A "final stage theme" for Kosuzu. Basically: this follows the pattern in Double-Dealing Character and Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom for "the final stage boss is an arrange of a subset of the boss theme"; I wished there were more than two examples so I could suss out a good pattern, but this is fine. This particular track probably wouldn't actually exist in a Touhou game insofar as the two-minute loop portion is more than twice as long as most final-stage themes (i.e. Mountain of Faith's is only 55 seconds), but I figure, sounding good was more important than mimesis, so here you go.

  • Undertone - I just decided to make a ringtone for my phone. ;)

  • Miniature Heart of Nova - I just had to do it. There was just no way you could stop me.

  • Zelda Overworld Morning - Just the musical equivalent of a dumb doodle using the Link to the Past soundfont and the first like 15 seconds of the overworld theme.

  • The Charming Far Side of the Moon - I've kind of had this idea for years; I guess it's an Extra Stage where Renko is the boss? My original idea involved bits of EoSD's extra stage theme, but this version it's basically just "The Far Side of the Moon: Charming Domination remix" with a guest appearance by Great-Auntie Sumireko at one point. (For the record, I'm thinking Renko's actual boss music would just be "Greenwich In The Sky.") I briefly considered doing a thing where it ends like an actual song like the original Far Side of the Moon, but at that point I'd already recorded it as "intro with loop-points," oh well ...

  • Kirby Dark Super Star - I was just really dissatisfied by the loop of the Dark Star theme from Kirby 64 ... so I basically just snuck in a bit from the "Taking Over the Halberd" song from Kirby Super Star.

  • Megalofantasia (WIP #1) - A "Touhou version of Megalovania" (a song which has been used, in various forms, in Homestuck, Undertale, and the "Earthbound Halloween Hack"), using bits of Necrofantasia. When you think about it, the one person who poses the greatest existential danger to Gensokyo is in fact Reimu. Fortunately, the reasons for this are linked inextricably to the reasons she will never voluntarily pose this sort of danger. That said, if she did go on a "No Mercy run", there's no way Yukari's not gonna be the one to be the final boss and knock some sense into her.

  • Sonic 4 on SD-90 - Someone on IRC said "recreate Sonic 4 ep1's 'music' using an SD90 :V", so I did! I just banged this out over the course of about half an hour.

Touhou Saisoutensoku OST

  • 禁じざるをえない遊戯 ~ Icemilk Magic and Innocence (The Inevitably Forbidden Game ~ Icemilk Magic and Innocence) [Lotus Land Story]
    • Mugetsu and Gengetsu's theme. Not much to say here, I just took the Extra Stage theme from Lotus Land Story and banged out something that was kind of like the kind of remix Twilight Frontier would do. And then I stuck the English parts of the names of Mugetsu and Gengetsu's individual themes on the end.

  • 月の妖鳥、化猫の幻 ~ 非想天則の肩の上 (Strange Bird of the Moon, Illusion of Mysterious Cat ~ On The Shoulder of Hisou Tensoku) [Ghostly Field Club]
    • Rin Satsuki's theme. I decided that since Rin is still ZUN's creation, I should use music created by ZUN himself, so after much deliberation, I chose this from Ghostly Field Club. The version I created doesn't actually sound much like one of Twilight Frontier's remixes, and I would've liked to use some of the same effects ZUN uses in the original, but I'm really limited here, I guess. ZUN's comments said that it was meant to be about Maribel, so that works out too, to a certain extent.

  • 空隙少女 (Aperture Girl) [original]
    • Final Story Mode pre-battle theme. I'm rather pleased both with how it managed to convey the epic confrontation, and how it's also something that would almost fit in one of Twilight Frontier's fighting games. If you can imagine this as an unused track from Touhou Hisoutensoku, if Touhou Hisoutensoku's music was composed by a penniless American goofball with a soundfont that uses a few of the instruments ZUN uses, my work here is done. Actually, it's inspired by Suika and Tenshi's respective pre-battle themes from IaMP and SWR; still original, but made from "real parts."

  • 時空の縁辺 ~ Navy-Blue Generation (Edge of Spacetime ~ Navy-Blue Generation) [original, Touhou Hisoutensoku]
    • Meimu's final battle theme. It didn't end up sounding like I'd planned (though it would've helped if I'd actually had a plan at the start); it kind of sounds more like one it's from one of the danmaku games than one of the fighting games. Opens with "Unfound X ~ Unknown Adventure" from Th12.3, the main theme has instrumentation meant to resemble Tenshi's theme from SWR, and the rest is original.

  • 史実壊廃 ~ Time Paradox (Broken History ~ Time Paradox) [original, Touhou Hisoutensoku, Mountain of Faith, Metal Gear Solid 3]
    • Theme of when you lose the final Meimu battle, or against yourself in Arcade, or Meimu, Rin, or Yukari as either of the other two. "Meimu! You can't do that! The future will be changed! You'll create a time paradox!" (Um ... can you tell I've put too much thought into what this would be like if it was an actual game?) The whole thing is a remix of MGS3's game-over theme, opens with a remix of the main melody of "Navy-Blue Generation," and then goes onto MoF's continue-theme with a sort of game-over-remix of "Unknown Adventure" affixed to it.

Create.swf Adventures

Shenanigans in a Magical Forest

  • Dream Countdown [Imperishable Night/Homestuck (well, okay, technically Lotus Land Story/Homestuck)]
    • End of Act 1 theme. It is a remix of Sburban Countdown. Yes, this means there is now a Touhou remix of Homestuck music. Touhou is everywhere! Consider this payback, so to speak, for the fact that Homestuck volume 5 has a track called Lotus Land Story (and don't try to tell me that isn't a reference).

  • Time Paradox (Yasora Mix) [original, Metal Gear Solid 3]
    • As the name implies, it is RNL's time paradox theme, remixed with Yasora Kojiwa's theme. :3

  • Yasora's Awakening [Subterranean Animism/Original/Homestuck]
    • Yasora Kojiwa's "awakening" theme (duh). I just wanted to combine Utsuho's theme with the bit from Umbral Ultimatum at the end where Jack manifests himself. And then I put part of Yasora's theme in the middle there. The goal was to convey, "THIS IS A MOMENT OF AWESOME." Also worth noting: this was made entirely from beginning to end over the course of a several hours on the same day it appeared in-comic.

  • 地中の神 ~ Sunfire (Subterranean God ~ Sunfire) [original/Subterranean Animism]
    • Yasora Kojiwa's theme. This tune's story began when I was playing the Overlord expansion pack "Raising Hell," and I misheard the final boss's theme, and then decided to splice it together with genes from Utsuho's theme. The former was the basis for the second section through the guitar-centric section right before the loop-ending bit that was taken directly from Nuclear Fusion. (I need some method of playing it in an actual proper looping fashion ...)

  • 魔女達の舞踏会 ~ Sepiechritude (Witch's Ball ~ Sepiechritude) [/Persona 3]
    • I actually didn't use any part of the Sepulchritude theme for this. Instead, I combined "Witch's Ball ~ Magus" from Shuusou Gyoku (in which Marisa is the first EX-boss, and has angel wings ... but only one pair) with "Burn My Dread -Last Battle-" from Persona 3. This was originally made for SynthFont and the various shenanigans thereof, but it ended up being the first song I created that used the SD-90.

  • How Does Shanghai Live [Con Air/Homestuck, sort of]
    • So, this snippet is basically a remix of "How Do I Live" from Homestuck, which in turn is a remix of the song of the same name performed by Trisha Yearwood as seen in Con Air, except abruptly interrupted less than fifteen seconds in by a CODEC sound from Metal Gear Solid. This is basically exactly how Shenanigans in a Magical Forest has always been going to end. ... yeah, I'm never going to do a full rendition.

  • キノコ郷 ~ Little Red Mushroom (Mushroom Home Village ~ Little Red Mushroom) [original]
    • Masha Kinoko's theme. This was very deliberately not a battle theme; Masha, as she exists on the day of her birth, is simply not a fighter at heart. So it's a much more relaxed melody, most suited for the closing credits theme. Ultimately, though, this is Masha's theme — that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  • Children of the Future [original]
    • The themesong of Cottagesnagged, and the "Fate of 60 Years" timeframe as a whole. It's Gensokyo, both familiar and strange. It's four kids, two of them siblings, who look at their parents and feel like they have a lot to live up to.

  • Entry of the Young Shrine Maiden [original]
    • The theme of Sacchin entering the Cottage. I guess it's sort of like if you described the idea behind Dream Countdown (or Sburban Countdown) to someone who only knew how to make Touhou music. Except that it also uses a speeded-up version of the drumbeats from That One Segment from Radiocative, which were inspired by the drumbeats from Upward Movement (Dave Owns) which show up in half of the goddamn Homestuck flashes.

  • Magus Day [Great Fairy War]
    • The intro theme for Chapter 2. I thought "Okay, what's something Marisa-ish that I could do here?" ... and then I thought that "Magus Night" would work quite well.

  • Japanese Jungle (short version) [original/Homestuck]
    • The theme of Carroll flying to and entering the Cottage. It's kind of unapologetically derivative of Sburban Jungle and Another Jungle, without actually directly using anything from it. The longer version doesn't actually exist yet and I'm not sure if I'm going to actually make one.

The Homestuck Contest

Music for the Homestuck contest-album. See this blog post for more information; I didn't win.

  • Radiocative - the theme of GCat, an omnipotent radioactive trickster cat (no, not that kind of Trickster). It was made entirely on the SD-90, and includes a musical reference to part of the drumbeats from Umbral Ultimatum, which sort of got them from An Unbreakable Union.

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Dizzy H. Muffin

Sure why not.


A little mistake there: in "Subterranean God ~ Sunfire" Japanese name, it says "ネ申", while it should say "神".

Dizzy H. Muffin



I can never get enough of Icemilk Magic & Innocence

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