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CSA0461: Alice: Is Team 8 stronger at night? Consider causing an imperishable sunset.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest



No, that sort of thing is only for threats to the existence of all YOUKAI.

You and MARISA promise to go save UTSUHO and MASHA. You also both make a mental note to find DAIYOUSEI later and talk to her some more about this "DISABILITY" of hers.

> Reimu: Youkai mountain. Now.

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Why do I get the feeling that this will involve hitting her on the head until she's "cured" from her "disability"?


I would be very sad if that were the case.


...I'm more willing to believe that Daiyousei will likely be spending some time with Marisa and the others when this is all over, all over a cup of tea, with them telling her that being smart isn't that weird...


They could also try and befriend her (albeit secretly), and Daiyousei could even become a sort of 'link' between them and Masha. Daiyousei could even be a sort of 'big sis' to Masha, and the two could end up teaming up Imperishable Night style in the future... (with Masha learning how to reach her Stage 3 potential, and Daiyousei becoming stronger (Stage 3 midboss?) to keep up with her)

Formica Archonis

Yeah, Marisa's crimes are generally theft-related. She doesn't have a reputation for curb-stomping people into retardation.