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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest

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Is that the awesome danmaku we were promised?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Huhwhat? Someone promised awesome danmaku somewhere?


And now we have to rescue Natori too...*faceplam* sigh.


Rumia: It [The Sword of Light and Darkness] also has its own brand of danmaku, too.

Granted, they weren't exactly mentioned that they would be awesome, but considering that the sword seems like nothing but a disadvantage for Rumia due to it's whole "I can see it no matter how dark it is," you (I) would expect it to have awesome danmaku to compensate.


It sure is a good thing Rumia would never lie to us about that. Nitori you so crazy :<

Formica Archonis

They must be villains. That was one helluva cheap shot.


I think they were combining spell card rules from SWR/UNL along with a tag team ability as well. It's more or less a way to make it legitamate though.


Naw. Yuuka just bitch-slapped Nitori. Spellcards have nothing to do with it.


Well this is Yuuka we're talking about here. She is pretty much one of the Powerhouses that reside in Gensokyo. With that being said it's pretty much her saying "Just stay down, I'm too busy to play with you" kind of attack.

Aside from that I have to bring up the well known meme for Yuuka, and that's, "Everybody is M for Yuuka."