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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Unfortunately, YUKARI's plan is merely to teach everyone a lesson about what happens when you become ambitious enough to try to start an INVASION. You are one of the casualties in the ensuing battle, shortly after you figure out YUKARI's true plan. You die after returning to EARTH, wondering whether these two facts are connected.

So let's skip ahead a thousand years, to the next interesting thing that happens to you.

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Yukarin is 17.

Who knows? At this time it might even be true.


Oh, well, that was quick.

Player Three

And that's what I get for speaking too soon.

But you looked good back then, Yukari. Must've been before it became the social norm to wear a hat.


I think in the end Yukari is nothing more than an eternal 17 year old that can never age I guess. So in other words this was all going according to plan for Yukari to setup at least one of the many incidents she has caused over time I'll bet.