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CSA0345: Shenanigans in a Fiery Netherworld


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You are YASORA KOJIWA. You are a YATAGARASU, which is a THREE-LEGGED CROW-GOD. Your THIRD LEG, rather than being anywhere near the other two, is the ROD OF SOLAR COMMAND which you wear on your right arm. As a YATAGARASU, with the help of your THIRD LEG, your ability is the MANIPULATION OF THE FORCES WHICH FUEL THE SUN'S FIRE. What with one thing and another, you have ended up living in the UNDERGROUND beneath GENSŌKYŌ, and now gain your FAITH (which all GODS need in order to live) from the YOUKAI there.

Your plans for the day are to meet the YOUKAI OF BOUNDARIES (you are only now getting used to the fact that she has now named herself YAKUMO YUKARI), along with innumerable other GODS, YOUKAI, and miscellaneous DEMONS, to discuss a BATTLE PLAN. Your goal is to conquer THE CAPTIAL OF THE MOON.

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'Sup O' Great Yatagarasu.


Did we just...time travel?

Formica Archonis

Wow! A new character! This is AWESOME! I'm sure this will be a long and fruitful relationship!

Player Three

@EmpoleMew: That appears to be the case. Unless there's another Yatagarasu running around, Yukari's only recently taken that name, and she's planning another invasion of the moon.

This might be a little odd, since we've already glimpsed this character's final(?) fate.


@Player Three

Yeah, unless there's another Yatagarasu, we know this girl is destined for Utsuho's stomach after dying.


*sees her profile on the OC page (after already looking up the meaning of her name manually)*

.....So, what you're saying is.... we can call this girl an old hag and at least halfway get away with it?


Why do i sense we just did a time slip here? So you finally named her Yasora huh? I guess it was a good idea to have her show up due to my mispellings late at night I guess. lol

Naughty Eirin

I foresee someone dying...

Spirit Tsunami

So this is our Hivebent, eh?


Me thinks Yukari wanted to mess with our "Viewfinder" to have some fun with us I'll bet.



actually, assuming the coloring of the posts means something, based on the colors now (and the colors from the last time), I think this is the present point in time for this Act, and we aren't actually following Okuu

as in we better not do anything to Yasora that causes Time Paradoxes or we'll be in big trouble


So, what we see here, is that my speculation should never be trusted, ever.

(The fatal flaw was actually that I forgot a key fact about how Touhou works, vital to the premise, so in retrospect, I'm not too bummed about being wrong.)

Hm, don't think there's much more to say here.


We are Aku, shapeshifting de-*punched into coma*