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CSA0312: Masha: Come up with new spell card.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You don't wanna make a new SPELL CARD! You don't want anything to do with DANMAKU right now! In fact, you've got half a mind to start CRYING! Anyway, if you wanted to develop a SPELL CARD, it would need a name.

> Masha: Listen to Daiyousei and take a long break.

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Awww, poor Masha.

Kitsune Inari

> Masha: Don't hold it inside, cry in Dai's lap.

Formica Archonis

Yeah, danmaku is stupid and all the people who use it are stupid and I don't need it and I'm NOT CRYING and I've just got some dust in my eye from some stupid dust danmaku or something and I'm going to go over here and sit and NOT CRY because I'm not hurt, I just think danmaku is all stupid and stuff.

Netto Takashi

@Formica: D'awww...that is SO ADORABLE! ^.^


*huggles the poor Moeshroom*

Formica Archonis

@Netto Takashi: Heh, thanks.:)