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CSA0311: Aya: Bother the Miko, part 2.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest



ALICE: -- incredibly silly, Marisa. It's not like there was even anything infectious, we were just feeling wiped out from the medicine.


ALICE: -- incredibly silly, Marisa. It's not like there was even anything infectious, we were just feeling wiped out from the medicine.

> Masha: Come up with new spell card.

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Ok that last part was a typo on my part, even though it was to be a funny moment.

>Aya: Follow that ⑨ since she's up to something.

>Masha: Listen to Daiyousei and take a long break.

>Alice: Cuddle with Marisa when no one is looking.

Kitsune Inari

> Cirno: Absentmindedly forget whatever they have told you, and decide to invite Okuu on a date.
> Aya: Notice there's a nineball here, try to interview her.

Player Three

>Aya: Aya! What can your tengu eyes see?

No, I'm not stealing a previous joke, what are you talking about.

>Cirno: Gather the chums in Team ⑨ and relay the story of how you resolved an incident.*

>Masha: Quietly celebrate your first doomfairy defeat.

*Some truth enhancement may be required.

Spirit Tsunami


>Aya: Follow the ⑨.

Hakurou Musha

Is it time for *that* again? Yes, it's time.

> Cirno: Biggest ice katamari ever.

> Aya: That is not miko-bothering. That is magician espionage. But, as long as you don't get caught, that is fine too.

Formica Archonis

Our attempts at miko-bothering are failing miserably. Easier target time!

>Aya: Bother the nineball.


>Cirno: Run into Daiyousei while heading back to the lake.

>Nitori: Run a scan to make sure that the medicine actually worked.

>Yukari: Do something no one would expect.

Also, I've been wanting to do this for a while now:

>Momiji: Wonder were Aya is and go look for her.

Tewi Inonymous

>Masha: Don't listen to the fairy, you must regain your souls.


We just got here, people. Why are you already giving up on bothering Reimu and deciding to follow Cirno instead? Aya's current lead is about Reimu's involvement - the nineball is a distraction from Aya's responsibility to her faithful readers. This journalism is serious business.

> Aya: Bother the miko, for real this time.
> ?: Enter name.
> Masha: Commune with your youkai instincts. Find your purpose.


Aya: apply the forbidden template

shady new drug
shrine conspiracy


Hmmmm, Aya hasn't actually bothered the miko yet. She should probably fix that.


Aya: Grab a cardboard box. It's the perfect disguise.


I'll make my contribution to prevent this from going all the way back to square 1

>Masha: Notice that the whole thing is taking way too long and proceed to find Cirno anyway.

>Aya: Bother the Miko, part 2.5

>Cirno: Now that you're free, start subterranenan animisming straight to stage 6.


On an entirely unrelated note, I'd just like to point out that the second panel of today's xkcd strip made me think of Touhou.

Formica Archonis

One thing I'd like to say: I really like Cirno's live-for-the-moment verve. I know we all poke fun at her, but there's times I wouldn't mind being able to just let go like that. Strange magic spores? Hell with worrying about that, I get to leave that big ol' house and fly around!

Spirit Tsunami

Also, especially with it looking like Okuu might be joining the story soon (and Daiyousei and Masha might soon find Cirno), I think I've got a new fanfic idea brewing...Permission to use the moeshroom?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Hmm. I'm never sure how to answer that. Apart from anything else,™ her ... introductory-story, as it were, isn't even halfway done yet, so I'm kinda reluctant about it in that regard.


Aya: Molesta la bola nueve.


(Translation: Bother the Nineball)

Spirit Tsunami

'Kay, I'll hold off, then.


Aya is known more for taking panty shots and using them for blackmail from what I've seen. Yukari however....


For Aya to follow Cirno even though she does not seem to be related to any particualar event while there's a house in front of her where some of the mayor figures in Gensokyo are assenbled and discussing the latest incident... does not compute :)


Do moeshrooms dream of fungal sheep?