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CSA0301: Daiyousei: Finish off the fiary quick since Masha is now panicking.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


Yeah, throwing a NEWBORN into a fight was a TERRIBLE IDEA. You feel like you just spent the first hour and a half of your twenty-fifth birthday doing WEIRD WEBCOMIC SHIT while experiencing a mild headache. Time to add some DANMAKU of your own.

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Player Three

You'll probably notice before you read this, but you seem to have created a typo there.



This is starting to get meta. On that note, happy birthday!


> Daiyousei: Get Cake some birthday muffin. I mean, get Muffin some- you know what I mean.

Happy birthday. Stay alive and stuff, I know bad luck seems to cluster itself within a month or so around mine like it's Hina's birthday instead. /glances down at his broken ankle, and also at a card from a funeral a few weeks back/


Heh, and yesterday was my own birthday. Coincidences can be fun. Happy Birthday.

Anonymous Hacker

Happy birthday. Hope you spent it doing something you love rather than getting your wisdom teeth out or something.

>> Muffin: Acquire and eat hat cake.

John Evans

Facepalm Sign. HEAVY SNICKER!

Spirit Tsunami

Oh, really? Well, happy birthday!

Player Three

@Muffin: Is that why it failed? What have you done, Wolf?!


Yeah that cooment was me, my bad guys. Although I guess it was bound to happen since Masha didn't have any training at all. If she had any she might be able to handle herself a bit more then.

Beta Maxis

Oh God I love meta-humor. 25 eh? Congrats.