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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


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Oh Muffin, you magnificent troll you.

Formica Archonis

The court finds Daiyousei not guilty of youkaislaughter, as the video footage demonstrates that the youkai clearly ran into an already-fired shot, and Daiyousei expressed regret immediately afterwards.

Charges of child endangerment are outside the purview of this court, and shall be answered separately. Court is adjourned.

Kitsune Inari



There is only one thing I have to say to this,


Mr Archonis, I beg your pardon sir, but you dismiss the case too soon!

Youkaislaughter is EXACTLY what happened here. You bring up the defendant's facial expression, but is it not surprise, and not regret, as you state?

Indeed, you can even tell that Daiyousei looked bored when she fired that danmaku... Barely paying attention when you have an obviously panicking newborn right next to you? Why, that's gross negligence with an arguably-lethal natural weapon!

I request the court take a second look at the youkaislaughter charge. Thank you.


Is that Daiyousei's Fairy Wars pattern I see?

Duy Truong

@Enlong: Yes it is. Or rather, the easy modo one.

Netto Takashi

Damn, I've gotta get me Fairy Wars...


Approved. Judge BigB presiding at the retrial of Daiyousei. The charges brought before the Defendant are youkaislaughter. The charges of child endangerment are dropped, due to the fact that Masha, the newborn in question, has shown she can defend herself in the past and had a number of spell cards on her at the time of the incident. The Defendant and Prosecutor will now present their evidence.