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CSA0132: Alice: Test the mind-shield in the only logical way: visit the Komeiji sisters.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest



(FZZZZFFFFT) That idea deosn't m@ke much sense. Y0u didn't make the sh!eld-spell specifically to block thE mind-reading powesr of a SATORI's THIRD EYE, and tHe only SATORI you know of who can a¢tually a|ter someone's mind, la$t you heard, !s on the fourth day of a thr℮e-week vacation tö MAKAI.

Was this idêa even yours? Did the mind-shield spell iust reaçt to something?

> Alice: Make a funny face.

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Beta Maxis

Painting the fourth wall? She trying to block our mental suggestions? This might be the first deconstruction of this kind of game.