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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


You have succes%fully put up a mind-shheld. Y0u aren't ent!rely sure if jt actually worQs, or if you`re even going in tge right direction qith it. iT seems to be makimg an annoying buzzinh noise in your eAr.

> Alice: Test the mind-shield in the only logical way: visit the Komeiji sisters.

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> AIice: Put i^ on y`ur dol(s 1o tBey canvt be m5nipula:ed.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Please note: Alice's mildly-distorted text is not an invitation to respond in kind. I could barely read that. :P

John Evans

Alice: Check status of Marisa.

Spirit Tsunami

Marisa: Go check on Alice.

Young Demon Lord

> Alice: Test the mind-shield in the only logical way: Pay a visit to the Komeiji sisters.


^ YES.

> Alice: Call Patchouli, see if Koishi's over at SDM now.

Tewi Inonymous

>Legion: Become dolls.

>Alice: We also find it to be somewhat lacking alice.

AIice: Put i^ on y`ur dol(s 1o tBey canvt be m5nipula:ed.

Don't give her ideas like that >.<


> Alice: Nope, you totally botched. Try again, more clarity, less blockage.


Forehead smack: Shinki is about to become a grandmother. That took me way too long to realize, but I forgot Muffin-canon merges TH 1-5 with TH 6+.


Alice: Should be good. If anything goes wrong, you can notice anyway. Leave the shield for now.

New game: Think like an Alice/Marisa/whoever else!


>Alice: People having thoughts that are unusual to them smacks of subconscious manipulation. Find out what Koishi is up to.


Cirno: Go cause an incident, then. Or go looking for it anyway so you can buzz around it without actually doing much just because it's exciting. Just like most fairies!


It should be fairly obvious we're the incident.

> Cirno: "Realize" in a flash that Mad Marisa is making a Mutant Magic Mushroom Monster to eat all faeries! (Wigging out optional.)

(C'mon, you gotta love the alliteration in that!)


>Reimu: But I don't want to be "resolved!" It's kinda painful! Can ya let me off with a slap on the wrist?


This wouldn't be the first time there were two incidents going on at the same time...

(Also, I know you've talked about pointing out when the captcha comes up with 9, but this is like the third time in a row... Given how hot it is where I am, I'm starting to think your webserver is taunting me.)


Young Demon Lord's totally right, Alice needs a mental checkup


>Alice: Be Sakuya


Alright... let's see if this works...

As some have pointed out, incidents attract hordes of useless fairies. If we're an incident, we damn well need some fairies.

Ummm.... >Legion: Recruit fairies and grab some completely unrelated Youkai as stage one and two bosses. Cirno's still bumping around; let's use her.