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2013/08/01: Castoff: EX Boss

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So, I had my final occupational therapy meeting. Basically, my wrist is almost but not quite fully healed now, and my hand is almost but not quite back to full motion and strength, so the OT doctor discharged me. Because of the "but not quite" part, for the time being I'm still gonna be wearing my splint whenever I do anything more strenuous than, say ... typing this blog post. One more doctor meeting on Monday, and that'll be it as far as the doctors are concerned. Man it really just feels like this has taken up WAY TOO MUCH of my time.

Yesterday's situation still exists, by the way. Only one new thing: I emailed a NH lawyer-referral site, and got a response pointing me to an online form. After I'd filled it out but before I hit submit, I discovered a note at the bottom saying it was going to cost money to get me actually referred to a lawyer, so I was all "nuck that foise for the time being."

Man, I should REALLY do stuff on this site besides whining on my blog.

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You could try to throw together a one panel comic or something if you really want to have something completely fresh.


If that's the case, you may as well get back into updating Cottagesnagged. Or you could check out some of the stuff from other Walfas creators; I'd recommend Spaztique's "Diamond In The Rough".

Dizzy H. Muffin

The next Cottagesnagged update, whenever it is, will feature "Muffin: Mental breakdown."