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2013/05/28: Sudden Monetary Problems, Part Ducks

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So, I got an email from my caseworker at the state-welfare office, saying that the reason they're dropping cash support is that I did not get accepted by Social Security before July 1, 2011 (EDIT: wait no, I misread it, it's just because it was my second rejection, and I applied for their services before July 1, 2011). Which doesn't make any goddamn sense, especially considering how long it's taking everyone to get accepted. That's red tape for you, I guess.

I also discovered that it is slightly easier to initiate a phone conversation with my lawyer when I am feeling somewhat angry and I immediately get a voicemail message. Now that it's been a little while longer, this isn't going to help me with any of my other phone calls I need to make, but ...

Basically the bottom line is I need to actually start making money, and start getting something like $500 each month. And I need it, y'know, pretty fast. The problem with which is, I kinda feel like if something job-like within biking-distance was going to happen, it would have happened years ago when I was still seriously searching for jobs, including when I had help from multiple job-coaches and specialists in the field of "helping aspies get jobs." Which is why I'm getting welfare in the first place! So basically I'm kinda fucked unless something turns up by goddamn magic.

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Your dream of being able to support yourself financially by becoming a one-man game studio is a worthy dream, but also a difficult one. Even the man behind Team Shanghai Alice (the most popular one-man studio that comes to mind) has a day job. Nevertheless, you have my support. I learned a long time ago never to doubt the ambitions of a person with talent, effort, and discipline.

I'm sorry if I offended you in my previous comments. Your situation is rather alien to me, and I spoke out of ignorance.

Magic'ed you some money, as promised.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yeah ... and like I said in the email I sent you, thanks!


You know, you could consider monetizing this website. I imagine it doesn't get as much traffic anymore, but I can still occasionally talk to some random Touhou fan about KimikoMuffin and have him know what I'm talking about.

Throw in on all your downloads, too, maybe?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Yeah, I might. I keep meening to get back on CSA, too ...

As for, I find it excruciatingly obnoxious when someone does that to me, so I don't feel any urge to inflict it on anyone else~


Some sites with intermission ads like Gelbooru make sure to let you know that said ads make a significant portion of their income, and that while you can block the ads, you will be hurting them if you do.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Meh, intermission ads are even more obnoxious, because they get in the way of reaching the actual content.

I mean ... I see the point of mentioning it, but still.