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2013/06/06: Castoff, Part 2


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Good news: the red cast has been taken off! Bad news: the healing wasn't quite far enough along, so I have a new one — a green one — that'll be coming off on the 25th. I'm not even angry, it's just sort of "hahaha, what, this is ridiculous." I mean, at least it's nothing more major than a cast that just wraps around me, and the reasoning is that it's better to have one a little while longer than to stop wearing one too early and cause more problems down the line, but still. I notice that each new cast is kind of subtly different, with different ones feeling different in my hands, different points of pressure, and this one has a distinct smell. Then I just stop noticing/giving a shit after a few days.

Also it occurred to me that, with rent down and food stamps taking care of groceries, I technically have more money available than I would otherwise. Not gonna spend it, though, because I want it to last. Haven't found any leads on any other immediate sources of income.

Oh yeah, the new psychologist was actually closing his practice when I called him; he gave me some "unofficial" advice on the phone, but oh well, gotta get a new one ... man I'm bad about getting stuff done

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