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2013/05/22: Sudden Monetary Problems


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so, with literally 9 days' notice, I'm suddenly getting my state-level cash benefts dropped, despite the fact that I still qualify (they're acting like my case with Social Security is ended; it's still ongoing). I'm going to appeal; not that they'll be able to give me anything in the interim. I'm still getting medicaid and food stamps (the latter of which will go up), but I am now not in a financially tenable position, which is to say if I couldn't afford anything before, I now practically won't be able to afford my damn home internet. My parents' recommendation was to start looking at Craigslist and the local newspaper for job posting. Blehhhhh. (Right now I'm working on ideas like writing stories I can sell. As opposed to, y'know, fanfiction ...)

Donations-box is over there, if anyone wants to help, but I understand nobody actually gives a shit about me so I anticipate getting like $⑨ total over the next three months or whatever.

In other news: not going to take any more medication for the time being because I seriously do not want that shit; and I'm switching from my current psychotherapist to a guy I've known for years but have not recently seen in any official capacity, just as soon as I can work up the ability to make phone calls. Mrrm.

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Why don't you have a job anyway? Finding a job shouldn't be that hard for someone with programming skills like yourself. I'm a reverse anchor baby (someone who was too old to get a resident visa when his parents migrated to the USA) and despite the fact that anyone who hires me has to jump through hoops for immigration, I've been able to get jobs and keep them. So go for it; the day job is part of the life of an American adult.

While looking for a job, why don't you write a new story for your audience? Are your health problems so severe you can't do something you've enjoyed for years? Your work has been an inspiration to me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd love to read something new from you.

People care about you, Dylan. Give me a week (for the money to transfer into my Paypal account) and I'll make a donation of at least $500. And let me know if there's anything else I can do.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Reasons why I don't have a job: 1. having to deal with Other People, 2. having to deal with strict schedules (I'm bad enough about getting to the soup kitchen for the volunteer data entry), 3. generally needing some transportation other than a bike, if nothing else because rain is generally no excuse, 4. eight billion other people are also applying for jobs, or are otherwise in the same boat I am, even without being in line to get welfare, which currently feels like it's practically set up so as to discourage me from getting any kind of other income. Even if I don't have any, you understand.

As for working on more Touhou stuff ... honestly, I'm wondering if I enjoy it now. I mean, tonight, my mood has not been in the best place it could be, but, well, I've seriously considered announcing that I'm quitting for good. I should probably just scale back my plans for Cottagesnagged, and not try to make things as elaborately as I'd been kinda doing. And sort of force myself to spend a set time working on it, which pretty much worked for Villainmad. I dunno. Either way, CS is definitely going to be my final major Touhou fanwork.

For getting me money ... I don't know how to thank you. I'm serious, figuring out the proper way to thank people who are being RIDICULOUSLY GENEROUS like that is not something I'm good at~ But seriously, yeah, it will definitely help me out a bunch. Thanks.


What is your desired living situation anyway? I mean, getting your health back is a good first step, but what's the end goal, if you can't handle a traditional day job? Do you want to spend 40 or so hours a week making Toho-style games and writing original fiction while your fans support you with donations?

You strike me as far too ambitious to continue collecting welfare checks and living the NEET life for much longer.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Actually, my plan was to sell games, not just "live on welfare + donations." :P Bigger than just shmups, too, though I don't feel the need to go into details about all my ideas right now. Just because I'm making games singlehandedly, or not-quite-singlehandedly, doesn't mean that this constitutes being a NEET. I mean first of all, to answer your question, I'd rather live in an apartment which is physically better (i.e. bigger and less prone to becoming boiling) than what I've got now, I guess? But overall this isn't that bad, I think.

As for "ambitions," I dunno what you're referring to specifically, but the ones that are the most visible on this site got me a shitton of unfinished fanfics and the feeling of being completely burned out on Touhou fanworks. I dunno.