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2013/08/05: Another Quick Update


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I have a job interview tomorrow morning (i.e. I probably should have already gone to bed). And I'm just having one panic-attack after another because 1. I don't actually want a job, when you get right down to it, and 2. I keep finding that I don't have some seemingly-vital information on hand.

Also, the doctor I saw today wants to do a CAT-scan of my wrist before we declare me fully-healed.

So yeah uh goodnight

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Dizzy H. Muffin

Things which have been disastrous so far: my inability to find important documents (most of them have been found), various panicking over an online form I have to fill out, the toilet overflowing (fortunately nothing was in it except for a single sheet of toilet paper, but it took me like three entire bath towels to clean up (silver lining: the subsequent laundry-load gave me an excuse to wash one of my pairs of khakis)), and when I finally go to bed, I wake up after three hours feeling overheated because of a malfunctioning fan, and I can't get back to sleep because my body's just going "What, you woke up. Aren't you gonna get up now?"

It's like, "what, you were expecting something to go right before your big job interview? TOO BAD, WALUIGI TIME!" (confirmed: Waluigi is running my life right now)

Dizzy H. Muffin

Didn't get the job. I wasn't sure about getting a full-time position, he wanted me to decide RIGHT NOW because orientation is all day tomorrow, and I was expecting a phone call tomorrow re: a lawyer for the state-level benefits thing.

When I described "the lawyer for the state-level benefits thing" to my job coach, she recommended that I wait until I've heard back from the court about what the decision is before trying to get a job.

so, uh ... at the moment, never mind.

John Evans

It sounds like you're taking care of things well. You weren't comfortable making the decision on such short notice, you had other priorities, so you declined. It makes perfect sense.