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2013/08/08: Quick Update x2 COMBO


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oh yeah, I forgot to mention earlier today yesterday ... The lawyer-thing I mentioned fell through.

basically on the basis that it's state law (y'know, laws which were made to make headlines without regard for the actual people they impact) which decided that "oh if you're rejected twice, you get dropped", so no lawyer will try to touch my case because my defense would amount to "I know this is what the law says but I really want my benefits back" until I actually get social security, which could take until February or March what with the huge volume of cases they're backed up with. There's town-level welfare, not that it'd help me with the huge fucking loan that's not a federal loan and which thus enables them to get away with shit like "no actually-unable-to-pay deferments" ...

yeah I'm kind of thinking of ads. No idea which ones. Possibly ClickBank, solely because that's the one Horse Ebooks uses, though the one I'm actually looking at right now is Project Wonderful. Basically I'd appreciate if people added this site to their whitelists.

... I just had a shitty idea: if someone tries to hotlink to files on my site, redirect them through AdFly! Nah, I hate AdFly. (Also it wouldn't work, the primary offenders are images, and trying to redirect to AdFly would just break them instead of showing the obnoxious witty message it shows now.)

Also, Cottagesnagged is back.

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hows your traffic on the site, anyway? is it significant enough that adding ads would even make a difference?

Dizzy H. Muffin

Man, who even knows. It probably flagged while there was nothing except my blog going on, and who knows when/if it'll pick up now that Cottagesnagged actually exists now.


Well, if it means anything to you, I am still visiting regularly. :D
Good to see you aren't allowing the difficulties life is throwing at you to stop you from doing anything. (yikes, was that a double negative?)

Dizzy H. Muffin

Uh ... *peers* Nope, looks like your grammar is to'lly legit, bro.

Also I can't parse "bros" as an abbreviation for "brothers" anymore.

Dizzy H. Muffin

Oh, to top it all off, I haven't gotten any of the other jobs I've applied to.


Whitelisted. Congratulations, you're basically the only site anywhere where I actually see ads :P. Good luck!