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2013/06/25: Castoff: Final Round


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So my last cast got taken off ... FOREVERRRRRR (hopefully)! I just need to have a wrist-brace for a week and a half along with some occupational therapy, and then AFTER TEN WEEKS THOUSAND YEARS I'M FINALLY FREE!!! I got a bit nervous because my hand was still hurting, but the doctor said my X-rays look great and it was probably just the immobility that was painful. Man it is weird being able to do stuff with my left thumb again. I mean, not that I can do much. BUT STILL!

In other news, Undertale is the awesomest indie-RPG and you should totally play the demo and/or back the Kickstarter which is currently at 3 times the asking-amount, so I guess technically you don't actually need to do that unless you want to help make it past the stretch-goal or be the lucky person who pledges $10,000 and gets their fantroll to be canon in Undertale (no word on whether it will survive very long).

Let's see, Thursday I am meeting a job placement specialist, y'know like "just go out and get a job" worked for me before the economic crash. No other means of getting money right now, though I'm still probably good through mid-July. I guess "oh well" for now ...

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Good to hear that your cast is off and things are getting better with your arm.