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Everywhere Quest #0015: This Hopefully Won't Last Much Longer

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> with your high Brains, and sucky knowledge in Science, try to make the Mekazowd (oh come on) lose more magic by hitting more weak spots with a tier 2 Brawns.

You can only use one Capability at a time! ... And, uh ... y'know what, how about we just call it a Gear. Or B-Gator, since that's its name.

> Now that we know its joints are weak, use Scrappy Fightin' to try to break its knee.

Hm, okay, for that kind of success, you're going to have to beat B-Gator's roll by at least 3. Let's see what says! You roll for Scrappy Fightin': <6><2> + 13 = 21. B-Gator rolls for Brawn: <5><3> + 12 = 20. B-Gator's Brawn takes 1 point of damage.

You duck under B-Gator get in a series of nifty little kicks which, while they raise more sparks and stars, fail to do enough damage to cause a real breakage. You also manage to avoid the Gear's counter-stomps.

> Scrappy fight it in some other joints.

You roll for Scrappy Fightin': <2><2> + 13 = 17. B-Gator rolls for Brawn: <5><2> + 11 = 18. Jenny takes 1 point of damage to Scrappy Fightin'.

You try to time it right so that as B-Gator slams its b-ball fist at the ground, you can run up its arm to kick its elbow. However, you are just a split second too late. You auto-parry, doing an acrobatic fucking pirouette out of the way at the last possible second.

> Continue to continue STRIFE!

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> (Brains and Brawns are Qualities, the only capability Jenny would use was sucky Science because if you are bad in science you are good in magic)

Oh well...

Jenny: Continue speeding up with Agility to refine your dodging and parrying as you get used to the B-gator's fighting AI.

Gonna take some bruises but worth the try.


@Cardinal: I was under the impression that Jenny's bad at SCIENCE because she never studied it extensively, not a lack of talent. Anyway...

>Continue Scrappy-ing that knee. It's gotta give sometime!


I see... Sorry bout that I was fricking stressed and can't focus.

@Kimiko, I too, thought about that afterwards.