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Everywhere Quest #0016: Wearing Down


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> Continue Scrappy-ing that knee. It's gotta give sometime!

You roll for Scrappy Fightin': <6><4> + 12 = 22. B-Gator rolls for Brawn: <4><5> + 11 = 20. B-Gator takes 2 points of damage to Brawn.

You slip under B-Gator's legs again and deliver a few punches and kicks. This time there's a more impressive shower of smarks, and sparkly purple smoke starts emitting from the damage you've done already. B-Gator lets out a roar of pain and staggers forward. Looks like it's starting to limp.

> Use brains to try to confuse it.

You roll for Brains: <2><5> + 16 = 23. B-Gator rolls for General Competence: <4><4> + 7 = 15. B-Gator takes the maximum 6 points of damage to General Competence.

You don't need to roll boxcars to figure out that this thing is being kind of an idiot, and it's also too slow to make it worth it. Not to mention, using its lowest Capability? Really, Mechazaud Gear is not living up to any of the hype. Suspicious.

You point over to the ocean. "I'm over there!" you exclaim.

There's a shower of sparks and purple sparkly smoke from the dent it gave itself earlier, and it actually turns and looks. You rush forward and take the opportunity to put in a few more scrapes in its leg. B-Gator lets out another grunt, and then opens up a bunch of panels, revealing far too many gun-turrets.

> Jenny: Continue speeding up with Agility to refine your dodging and parrying as you get used to the B-gator's fighting AI.

You roll for Agility: <1><6> + 13 = 20. B-Gator rolls for Armaments and Artillery (level 16, tier 3): <1><5> + 16 = 22. Jenny takes 2 points of damage to Agility.

B-Gator starts guns, missiles, and even a sputtering mouth-laser towards you! It's shooting wildly enough that not much of it actually heads toward you, but it's still dense enough that you need to auto-parry with a series of acrobatic fucking pirouettes. Some of the missiles haven't gone off, they're just sticking into the ground now.

And then ... B-Gator sort of stands there, staring at you, as if nonplussed at the fact that you aren't quite dead.

> STRIFE: It keeps happening!

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>Destroy the missiles to obtain useful nanopaste.


>See if you can throw one of the un-exploded missiles at the damaged knee to blow it off entirely.