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Everywhere Quest #0014: How Does It Work


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(Note: I apparently forgot to give Jenny a General Competence rating, so I've gone back and updated her character sheet. Whoops!)

> Uh... should we get a weapon for this?

Nah, it's cool. You got this.

> Use detective to try and find its weak spot.

You roll for Detective: <4><4> + 14 = 22. B-Gator attempts to ... sort of ... actively make itself harder to figure out, I guess? Anyway, it rolls for General Competence (level 12, tier 2): <3><2> + 12 = 17. 22 - 17 = 5; B-Gator takes 5 points of damage to its General Competence, which is now effectively level 7 (tier 2). (This does not mean a literal decrease of B-Gator's ability, it's just for the purpose of dice-rolls.)

Okay, let's see. You figure out that the joints don't seem to be very well protected — the armor doesn't overlap as well as it should. You duck under it and stylishly kick it in the back of its knee, causing a shower of sparks and ... stars? Is this thing powered by magic? Huh. You suppose that this must be how they got around the "significantly more expensive and less practical than artillery, infantry, and tanks" thing.

> Can dimensional shifting be used as an ersatz form of teleportation within a single given dimension, or is it too messy for that?
> Is it possible to use Shifting to teleport (you know, "Shift two feet to the left" or the like)? If so, do that to dodge its attacks until it runs out of power. Otherwise, just dodge using Agility.

No, it's a difficulty of 25 just to land in the same city. You don't even want to know how high you'd have to roll to get that precise.

B-Gator attempts to use its Brawn (level 16, tier 3) to slam its b-ball hand down on you! It should theoretically be at least in tier 4, but this thing is kinda sluggish. <5><1> + 16 = 22. You dodge with Agility: <6><3> + 13 = 22.

You dodge with ease, but not quite enough ease to follow up with a counterattack.

> Utilize Pulchritude to goad the robot into striking the nearest hard-looking object. Even if that happens to be the Mechazowd Gear itself.

It's spelled "Mechazaud", jeez! Anyway, you roll for Pulchritude: <2><5> + 19 = 26. Not knowing what else to do, Mechazaud Gear rolls for Brawn: <4><2> + 16 = 22. Man, we're getting a bunch of 22s here. 26 - 22 = 4; B-Gator takes 4 points of damage to its Brawn, reducing it to level 12 (tier 2). I'm going to stop going into that much detail about the math now.

You awesome-jump onto B-Gator's head. "Up here, intro-boss!" You then do an acrobatic fucking pirouette off as it reaches up and punches itself in the face, letting out a roar and a mighty crunch.

> Continue STRIFE!

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> > with your high Brains, and sucky knowledge in Science, try to make the Mekazowd (oh come on) lose more magic by hitting more weak spots with a tier 2 Brawns.


>Now that we know its joints are weak, use Scrappy Fightin' to try to break its knee.