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CSA0838: Sacchin: Equip Shishigami nail.


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... You don't have any reason to think that "groovy" is an adjective which is particularly associated with this item. As far as you're concerned though, if it's not, it should be.

> Sacchin: Try smacking the glass window with your gohei.

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Hunter 1

>Sacchin: Remember the pattern under the note? Try and make the display on the jukebox match that pattern.

(Yeah, that seems a bit too much of a similarity to not be intentional to me...)

Also, to KM: The message from Marisa was trying to tell us "don't bother trying to spam Kawadec numbers, it won't work" in addition to the in universe importance, correct?


>Sacchin: Get ye Flandoll! If we can't find a use for it in this test, we can just put it in our room.

Actually, you know what? Let's skip subtlety, and go with:

>Sacchin: Get everything. Adventure game logic dictates that there are objects, therefore we MUST take them all!

Dizzy H. Muffin

@Hunter1: Not specifically, but you can take that to heart, yeah. ;)


If we haven't already tried them, ring up 6666.66, 3141.59, and 404.00.

Also, examine the tissue box, Star Orb, and Cowbell more closely. Then ring the Cowbell VERY LOUDLY.


>sacchin: Attempt to pick lock with flan doll's wings.


>Sacchin: Check to see if the colored crystals on the Flan dolls wings match up with individual panes of stained glass.

You have no idea how that would work, but hey, *magic*.


> Try smacking the glass window with your gohei. In nothing works, try your YinYang ball, or giant nail, or whatever you got.


Woo! It's back! ♥


Woo! It's back! ♥


>Sacchin: Only one thing to do now... Jam that shishigami nail into the star orb of mysterious unknown origin!