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CSA0837: Sacchin: Examine jukebox, play "Maiden's Capriccio: Dream Battle"


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These don't look like controls for a jukebox at all. They look like a solid crystal display.

Those bar-thingies appear to be individual buttons. You squint at the coordinates for a moment, trying to make sense of them, and then give up, dismissing it as irrelevant (save for the purpose of giving commands; odd numbers are for vertical bars, even numbers are for horizontal bars; a letter denotes both a row of horizontal bars and the row of vertical bars beneath it; "I" only includes horizontal bars, and "17" only includes vertical bars).

> Sacchin: Equip Shishigami nail.

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Dizzy H. Muffin

The second panel here took longer than the entire rest of today's update combined.


"Solid crystal display"...

Kinda reminds me of that Mirror that Marisa broke (to show Alice about her barrier), and repaired itself.

Smash dat with your Shishigami nail, and make it stay there, so that it won't regenerate.


> Smash the Solid Crystal Display with our shishigami nail, and find for something inside the Jukebox before it repairs itself.