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One day, the aging Reimu Hakurei (start here!) found a one-year-old infant, and adopted her as her granddaughter. Eight years later, she had grown up to become the trainee Hakurei Shrine Maiden, Satsuki "Sacchin" Hakurei.

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Chapter 1

One day, a little while before lunchtime, Reimu went on a visit with her friend Yukari Yakumo, and returned along with a gift in the form of a "CODEC device" which enabled remote communication, and bearing news: as a result of a time-loop caused by a time-travelling youkai called Meimu, Reimu had been certain she would survive until the present day, but she'd now reached the other end of the loop, and her survival was officially uncertain. Between that and Sacchin's recent progress, it was time to step up her training, starting with a major test.

Reimu told Sacchin that the test would take place in a cottage in the Forest of Magic, filled with obstacles to overcome and Guardians to face. The goal was to locate the so-called Precious Object, to prevent the Ungodly Object from falling into the wrong hands, and to find out the true nature of these objectives. Satsuki accepted, with a certain amount of apprehension.

After lunch, Reimu transported Sacchin to the edge of the Forest of Magic, and retreated to the vantage point from which she would remotely view the procedings. Almost immediately, Sacchin met Cirno, an ice-youkai who had once been a fairy but was now something altogether different. She led Sacchin to the cottage, where she revealed that she was, in fact, the first guardian which Sacchin was meant to face. They duelled, and Sacchin won, then entered the cottage, where she was whisked away on a transportalizer. This was all being watched on a fenestrated wall by Reimu, the witch Marisa Kirisame, and presumably others.

Chapter 2

In a different part of the Forest of Magic lived a family of witches (yes, all of them are witches, none of them are male). The youngest daughter, Carroll Kirisame (8 years old), was a bit bored because her parents were planning something for that day, and she didn't want to interrupt whatever it was. She considered repainting her room with blue and white stripes for "camouflage" with her blue and white dress, she was thwarted by both a lack of paint and a lack of the Grimoire of Houses.

She fruitlessly asked her mother, Alice Margatroid, for paint; afterewards, she got into a danmaku-scuffle with her (doll-sized) "big sister", Shanghai Margatroid, and the two were shouted out of the house by Alice. Carroll encountered her "father", Marisa Kirisame, who as far as Carroll knew simply hadn't cared that women weren't supposed to be fathers, and who was now setting up some sort of magic spell.

Carroll and Shanghai resumed their duel, and Shanghai thoroughly thrashed her due to poor decision-making. Marisa then approached Carroll and gave her almost the same mission as Sacchin: to bring the Precious Object home, to destroy the Ungodly Object, and to fidn the nature of the objectives. Alice arrived with a packed lunch and confirmed that Marisa hadn't simply made all this up, but was prevented from embarking by an eleven-month-long loading screen. She then travelled to Marisa's old house and stepped onto the transportalizer, which deposited her in a strange room with mysterious geometric patterns. This was being similarly watched by Yukari and Marisa, shortly before Cirno was brought over to meet Sacchin.

Chapter 3

It seems that the world-famous youkai Yukari Yakumo had a daughter, Kon Yakumo, who now insisted that she be called "Meimu." She —

I can do this myself, Yukari! Anyway, Meimu was in trouble for attempting to go back in time and change the past for self-aggrandizing reasons. She didn't want to stick around in her room reading Summernight Dreamed (Cottagesnagged's answer to Sweet Bro And Hella Jeff), so she decided to escape. This was going to be difficult, given the enclosed nature of her home, but then she realized that she could use Kawadec to escape, by transporting herself out through the open connection.

She called up a mysterious individual whom she only knew as "the Shanghai Doll." The frustration that ensued was largely self-inflictid, but she got over her frustration enough to amuse Shanghai with terrible insults, and was finally able to open an Aperture leading to Shanghai's location in the Magic Forest, where a fenestrate wall was set up. After a brief victory dance, Shanghai explained the basics of the game, and with a few well-placed taunts, she manipulated Meimu into enthusiastically pursuing it. Meimu ganked Shanghai in a flagrant disregard for the Spell Card rules, and headed to Marisa's cottage.

Meimu was just about to Transportalize, when she was suddenly interrupted by Ran Yakumo, Yukari's familiar. She fled, luring Ran out and hiding in plain sight so that she could teleport back in and reach the transportalizer. Ran wasn't fooled, however, and followed Meimu back in through an aperture. Meimu, however, used another aperture to quickly reach the transportalizer before Ran could catch her — which was all according to Yukari's plan.

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