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Chapter 4: What The Games Teach UsChapter 4: What The Games Teach Us


You are now back to being Hakurei Satsuki, except when you get confused and refer to yourself as Satsuki Hakurei, because between the way the English Language is used so commonly along with Gensokyo's native Japanese, and the number of people who use either naming-order (Saigyouji Yuyuko versus Flandre Scarlet, for instance), you cannot grok anyone's naming-orders worth a damn. (The last straw was the mix-and-match approach of the Kirisame-Margatroid family.)

Anyway, you have just transportalized into a small room. It contains a variety of objects which you have never seen before. This appears to be your first task in the test of your skills as the new Hakurei Shrine Maiden. What will you do first?

> Sacchin: Step off and step back on transportalizer, just in case.

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>Retrieve alms from donation box.

Ah, brick jokes...


>Ying Yang Orb, Go!


>Investigate Jukebox.


>Satsuki: Don the tokin hat. Become the reporter.


>Examine table contents.


>Hakurei: Incorporate the Nail into your Danmakukind Abstrata. (Alternatively, use the Nail to create Metal Sign: Pointed Parley.)


>Satsuki: Your miko instincts tell you that the donation box is a precious object. But it is THE precious object? Examine all other objects for Ungodliness.


>Satsuki: Since Reimu would normally go stright for the Donation Dox go to the Juke Dox instead.


>Carefully investigate Flandre doll in the corner. Hope it wasn't imbued with her old power, too.

Kaze Koichi

I wonder if we can switch between the characters in this chapter? Worth checking.

> Be the little witch.


>Collect and add to your inventory everything that will fit. You don't want to leave anything behind.


>Satsuki: Examine walls for signs of magic talking faces. Clearly we need the wisdom of Granitas Of Legend.


Satsuki: Get ye Flandre!


Oh! I had forgotten Reimu had a treasure-related playstyle for UFO!
>Hakurei: Go for the treasure[s]; let's get rich quick!


Ask flandre what's sex


>Satsuki: Pick up railroad spike, insert head.

Err... No! Wait! That's not what I meant!

>Satsuki: Since you're not Reimu, -ignore- the Donations box and investigate the thingmywutsits on that table instead!


>Satsuki: Step off and step back on transportalizer, just in case.
Will probably do this for each of the characters, except Meimu, a she would overlook a possible obvious solution. ;)
Also, if the above fails (highly probable)
>Satsuki: Use nail to pry open door.

I would say to put the nail on her back and pretend to be some sort of over the top action hero, but that seems silly even by the standards of this comic. :D


Wait I got a supid one just now:

>Satsuki: Use the nail to act like Yuugi.

Also on a serious note:

>Satsuki: Whatever you do don't get to close to the Flan Doll, unless you want to go kyun.