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CSA0825: Begin Intermission: "Don't bleed on the dresses."


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What, are you sure? I mean, we've already been wasting massive amount of time not seeing the actual game. It'd be like if the Homestuck intermission was at the end of act 1. Not to mention the massive amounts of time I've had to waste with my mental problems! THIS IS ALMOST A SECOND WEEK WITHOUT UPDATES! Wheeeee, I'm completely freaking nuts.

So, anyway, you just set both DLC items to download in the background.

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Interestingly enough, second oddest appearance of someone in a Yukari dress I've seen this week. It's still not as odd as the bearded crossplayer at Youmacon though :P


Bearded guy in Yukari's dress?

...That's just WRONG.


... It was a weird weekend for a Touhou fan. I saw a Yukari, a Ran, a Chen, a Aya, 2 Alices, 3 Nitoris, a Youmu, a Yuyuko, a Marisa, what I think was a Byakuren, and a Momiji. Of those, only the Youmu, a Nitori, and *maybe* one of the Alices were girls.