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CSA0784: Meimu: Go low-tech. Think of ways to escape without using edges.


Always use secure-HTTP / Unsecure HTTP / Permanent Link


Unfortunately, your room is actually suspended in gap-space. It has no actual doors, because there's no reason you would need physical egress when you can just teleport in or out with your apertures, oh wait. Your mother might as well have placed a refrigerator and a giant safe in front of this imaginary door, and then wedged them into place with a wind instrument.

Electricity, internet, and Kawadec are only available due to hax provided by your mother. It has not yet occurred to you that "hax" might be a term your mother made up so that you don't actually think about what she did or how to use it to your own advantage.

> Meimu: Contact someone on your kawadec, then try to open an aperture through that connection.

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Kinda saw THIS one coming...