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CSA0785: Meimu: Contact someone on your kawadec, then try to open an aperture through that connection.


Always use secure-HTTP / Unsecure HTTP / Permanent Link


It occurs to you that "hax" might be a term your mother made up so that you don't actually think about what she did or how to use it to your own advantage.

You bring up your Kawadec list which, in spite of your best efforts, still shows that other name instead of "Meimu." Everyone involved in punishing you for your little incident is blocked, because screw them. (You had to ask Yuyuko Saigyouji for her number so you could block it.) On the other hand, if talking to them is just an excuse, you could probably deal with a few words. Assuming they didn't catch on.

Otherwise, you're left with ... ugh. She is almost more trouble than she's worth. In fact, on average, she is exactly as much trouble as she's worth. If you decide to exploit her, and she decides to be annoyed, she'll probably say something that will make you want to hide back in your room. Of course, if you merely ask for her help, her advice will either be infuriating or stunningly insightful (you haven't yet realized that the infuriating ones are also stunningly insightful).

Or, y'know, you could just wait out the punishment, I mean seriously now~

> Meimu: Figure out Cirno's number so you can block her too.

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>Figure out Cirno's number so you can block her too.

Hunter 1

Greg: I seem to recall that we've already seen Cirno's number.

It's 9999.99. As if it could be anything else.


Yes, that's why I suggested Meimu would be capable of figuring it out even though it's not on her list. Other people she'd want to block, but probably wouldn't be able to get the number for include Okuu, Meiling and Sakuya - after all, they all beat her up just now.


I note it says a shanghai doll, not Shanghai Kirisame, Did Kon get to pick the labels?


> Waste time by trying random numbers in the Kawadec till you get a useful connection. Might as well get as big a list as possible and all.
> Unblock numbers. You need options right now, and shouldn't be closing metaphorical doors.


>Call Kon Yakumo. If you're not Kon, then that has to call someone else, right?


>Call Shanghai anyway. If things work as planned we don't have to stay there, after all, and if they don't we can just hang up when she starts getting annoying. Besides, if we HAVE to stay here, bugging someone should at least let us pass the time.


Meimu:Use your time thinking up new spellcards, like Frantic :Boot to the head


>Captchalogue the room and fly through the gap-space to freedom.


Oh please, Yukari. Since when has a rebellious child ever just patiently waited out the punishment? :P


>Freak the fricking-frickety-frick out in frustration until you pass out. Then remain unconscious for the rest of your punishment.