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CSA0600: [Ending] Alice: Do her first.

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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest





The thing about SOULS is that they may be divided infinitely, with the proper ENERGY and CAPABILITY, although the process has little in common with CELLULAR DIVISION and more closely resembles the fact that you can use a lit CANDLE to light another one even though you only have one FLAME to start with.

Each step of this process takes 1 SOUL-MUSHROOM POINT. You have 5 remaining with which MARISA may do the same thing to you. With the last two steps after that, you have no MARGIN FOR ERROR.

> [Ending] ==>

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Rainy Daze

Failing to see what's going on. :D


theyre gonna have a baby!

Formica Archonis

Man, magic baby making is rough. Days of prep time and then you have to trust your partner to successfully rip out your soul and then put it back before the lack of it causes problems.

Tornado Wolf

Ouch. That doesn't look safe AT ALL.


Nor pleasant. Making children should be fun, dammit!

Formica Archonis

Though I'm sure this would cut down severely on the number of unwanted children. 'Cause you gotta want something BAD to go through this for it.