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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest


YASORA enters the SECOND PHASE of her SPELL CARD! There are four of them, by the way.

> Yukkuri: Fondly regard shenanigans.

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>Team Heroine: Briefly Ponder how convienant it is that there's four of you and four spell cards! Wait! Don't do that!
>Orin: Attack with Zombie Jesus/Michael Jackson for MASSIVE DAMAGE

>Yukari: Fondly regard Shameimaru
>Shameimaru: Be fondly regarded
>Reimu: Continue to be in a coma
>Sanae: Play the trope straight and sit by your girlfriend's side

>Satori: Advance side-plot
>Masha: You... you just keep on clinging to Satori in as cute a way as possible


ok next should be alice. its only common sense that you should go from weakest to strongest
and alice's last word vs orin stage five.....
then orin and Marisa.


>Yasora: Before anyone can do anything about it, destroy the world. Then go to Disneyland. And then destroy it. Eurodisney is fine too.


And there are four heroines... How gosh-darn conveniant! ;3

>Alice: Send in the clones! ... Err... Dolls! In a most Final Word-way, of course.


Alice: Huge hax [Goliath doll's war]


Everyone: Don't waste any time! Chip away at her with your nonspells!


I'm still wondering if Cirno will make a reappearance when all hope is lost, and give a cooldown hug...


>Alice: "And So, As I Pray. Unlimited Dolls Works."


I am the wood of my doll.
Fabric is my skin and magic are my strings.
I have made over a thousand dolls,
Unknown to sentience,
nor known to oblivion.
Been defeated many times to make many puppets.
Yet, that dollmaker will never win a battle.
So as I pray, unlimited doll works.

Tewi Inonymous

And the last stage is just one big ba-boom and then FREEDOM!


>Orin: Dancefight"Thriller Heartful Nekoromancer"


Mima: Have an Epic Duel with Yukari


Wait. does this spellcard suck them in? If so, EVERYONE BACK OFF. (It's merely a suggestion for Yukari, she's not a combatant so she wouldn't really be affected anyway.)


Alice: shanghai Yasora for your project with Erin's shady medicine


Shining darkness: Have a conversation with Rumia prime.
Get mad and release a blast. Hit Yasora when she breaks the rules accidently saving Yukari.
Slink off in embarrassment.


Everyone: Attack fast before the Yasora's spellcard is animated.

Sanae: Find unconcious Reimu laying in the mountain. Do whatever you see fit.


Aya: Hax Sign [Unlimited Print Works]


Nekromancer. Heh.

That's pretty good, Wymar.

Formica Archonis

Nekromancer. Heh.
That's pretty good, Wymar.

It's a song:



Yukari (Necrofantasia) + Orin (Nekromancer) = Nekrofantasia?