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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest



In the meantime, you just LAY THE SMACKDOWN.

Man, BOSSES in DANMAKU games really don't have it easy.


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Oh, yes, and

Alice: Focus. I mean, come on, what would you need spread on your shots for? That's just silly.


Hold back Sepiechritude and Phantom for the last spellcard! You'll need something truly epic to counter it.

If Yasora's final spell card is like all other final spell cards, it'll be immune to any spell card attacks. For that, they'd probably just need to bare down and graze and shoot with all their might, and maybe even hope for a little miracle. I mean, if this is the last battle of Create.swf Adventures itself, I think we can expect the final spell card to be something truly epic and gamebreaking. x3


@AJS: Well this is the last battle for this CSA Chapter, but that doesn't meant there won't be another messed up shennanagians for us to try and see what we can do with it.

>Marisa: Try and use your "borrowing without asking" random item command ~ze.


Just a thought: Why doesn't Yasora notice that M&A's shots gotta lot more umph in them suddenly?

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