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CSA0496: Marisa/Alice: Malice Cannon RIGHT NOW.


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Shenanigans in a Magical Forest



You instruct YASORA on how much you love each other.

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Wait, wasn't a bit too early to bomb? Oh well, I hope we havr more ready.

Also, it seems Utsuho's prediction was correct. Yasora was most definitely hit by the power of love!


I think it was because Utsuho, as simple minded as she is, more or less slowed down Yasora for them to see if the MAlice Cannon would be more than enough to finish this.


@Omegahugger: That all depends on whether it's actually a bomb, or if it's the "Rapidly switch between Focused and Unfocused for massive damage" Malice Cannon (From Imperishable Night)

Kitsune Inari

I wonder if they perfected the technique by mixing the shift-spam with the Marisa B Unfocused!! bug. That would really be unstoppable!

Tornado Wolf

Love the loving look they exchange before unleashing their Annihiliation of (Combined) Love!

Tornado Wolf

The animated bit of their names merging was also a nice touch.